D&G Launches Makeup Counter At Harvey Nichols Dubai

Monday, June 16, 2014

To celebrate the launch of the D&G makeup counter at Harvey Nics, Dubai, the luxury brand flew in their international makeup artist, Massimiliano della Maggesa. It's not everyday that you get to meet the makeup artist who worked with Alexa Chung, right?

While I knew about D&G's makeup line (I posted it sometime ago on Instagram) and the glorious Classic Cream lipsticks, Massimiliano dived into the story of the lip colors and why they had a particular fragrance. He told me that one of the designers (I forgot who- Domenico or Stefano) while a tiny tot, opened his mum's handbag and got a whiff of a fragrant flower. That memory is the reason why, today the Classic Cream lipsticks have a particular fragrance! It's pretty cool to hear interesting background stories of products that we use everyday.

Massimiliano also gave me a quick tour of the key products. I ended up having a makeover and he happened to dish out a few makeup secrets. Don't you just love it when they do that? Pretty sure he used the same secret techniques on Alexa's face as well. Time to get off my high horse now and tell you about the gorgeous D&G makeup.

The packaging, no doubt is a reflection of D&G's luxurious footprint but what's inside is equally breathtaking.

How incredibly gorgeous is this? The colors are beautiful in the case and even more pretty when applied. I absolutely love the eye shadow quad.

The Smooth Eye Shadow Quad in '110 Nude' may not look like it is appropriate for day time however, the beauty of this palette is that you can either tone down the colors or build it up for an evening look. The  eye shadows go on the eye lids like satin. I particularly like the aubergine color.

The Classic Cream Lipstick in '240 Orange' is the most gorgeous summer appropriate lip color I've come across. While the name suggests a bright coral, the shade is more of a shimmery orange.

The lipstick is creamy and goes on smoothly. On it's own, for me it's a bit too sheer and highlights more of the shimmer. I usually apply a slightly darker lip color and apply on top (one light swipe) for a luminous finish.

The Passion Eyes mascara is great for lengthening your lashes. It doesn't check all the boxes when it comes to volume but aces the test in the lengthening department.

The mascara brush fans out the lashes and gives a gorgeous overall look.

I absolutely love this trio- the colors, the intensity, the results...it's as you would expect from D&G. The next product I'm looking to try is their foundations. When I was at Harvey Nics, I mentioned to Massimiliano that I always look for foundations that deliver a dewy finish. He suggested and applied the Liquid Luminous Foundation. The result? Radiant and flawless looking skin. My face looked like it was touched by fairy dust.

Do you have a favorite from the above? Don't forget to visit the new D&G counter at Harvey Nichols, Mall of the Emirates. You must try three things and I recommend these: the Passion Eyes Mascara, the Liquid Luminous Foundation and the Classic Cream lipstick (I would've recommend Red 620, a bright red also used in the famous Monica Bellucci's D&G ad- unfortunately it's sold out!).

Laura said...

Love dg!!! I totes love the eyeshadow. Beautiful colours. I have the Monica lippie you talk about- got my friend to get it for me the day it arrived ;) . More reviews pls :-)

Nida Moughal said...

OMG its pure Love.. just look at the packaging. .

basma said...

Lovely stuff . The lipstick is sensational

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