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Sunday, June 29, 2014

How many times have you stepped out with the intention of buying someone a gift, only to return home confused after looking at various options? It's happened to all of us. It's a friend's birthday and while we know them like the back of our hands, when it comes to selecting that one gift, it becomes a conundrum. You end up second guessing, over-thinking and going through your list of options for the 50th time.

You will not have to go through that process again...not when you have They've made gifting easy. So, what is You Got A Gift? Firstly, let me start off by saying I love the name! Can you imagine saying that to someone? Get ready to witness a smile on their face and a twinkle in their eyes. 

You Got A Gift is an online service that hosts a plethora of pre-paid gift cards from various retail outlets. Think of it as an online mall where you can select gift vouchers and send them to your friends, family and others- all with the click of a button. Sounds easy, right? It is!

The online gifting service has a variety of partners/stores- from fashion, food, technology to sports, luxury and movies- You Got A Gift has you covered. Apart from The Nail Spa, 1847, Virgin Megastore, my favorite Galeries Lafayette also happens to be on the list! 

Sending an e-gift card is quite simple. You select the store of your choice, load it up with actual value that you would want to gift your loved one with, personalize it i.e. select a greeting card from the gallery, add your message and send it to the recepient either through Facebook, SMS or email. That's it! No hassles of going to the mall, purchasing the gift card and all the other errands that come with it. 

The lovely people at You Got A Gift sent me a gift card so I can experience the service myself. If you thought sending the gift card was a piece of cake, redeeming it is equally easy. I received mine through email and all it took was the click of a button to print out the gift card and head to my desired store. I made my purchase, paid for the extra balance and was out of the store in no time. I love the fact that I could choose anything from the store through the gift card. A word of caution though: the store attendants may take a while to process the voucher (for validation purposes etc). 

If you've got friends/family who reside in the UAE, KSA, Lebanon and/or Qatar, try You Got A Gift. There's so many things to select from (there's also something for men and kids!). 

Don't forget, you can always gift cash directly to the newly wed couple through their Wedding Money Registry or round up your friends and get them to contribute for a friend.

And now, with Eid approaching end of this month, giving 3idiya (Eid gift, for those who aren't aware) has never been easy! 

I totally love You Got A Gift, they've made gifting from around the world so much easier! Follow them on their Facebook page for updates, exclusive discounts and more.

The Food Byte: Burger Fuel, Dubai

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Who doesn't love a mean burger? I associate burgers with watching WWE. Yes, I am a fan of the entertaining sport and love a good meal to go with it. So when Burger Fuel invited me to try out their menu, I happily made my way to the Jumeirah branch.

This was my first visit and I wasn't disappointed. The menu boasts of a variety of beef burgers, grilled chicken meals, milkshakes, side orders and more with a decent price tag (they also have kids meals). Vegetarians will not feel left out as there's a specific menu just for them! I love chicken and had a little difficulty making up my mind when it came to placing my order. I was torn between the Chook Royale, a char-grilled chicken breast with grilled pineapple among other ingredients and the Flame Thrower, grilled chicken breast with jalapeno peppers and avocado.

I finally chose the Flame Thrower- I like a little spice in my food (bring on the jalapeno peppers!).

Also, my fellow GTA gamers will probably have a smile on their faces when reading Flame Thrower. In addition to the Flame Thrower, I chose the organic Apple, Orange and Mango juice to wash down my meal with.

What surprised me was that I didn't have to wait long for my order- it took about 5 mins max! The Flame Thrower was cooked to perfection. The grilled chicken was succulent and everything that went with it was absolutely delicious. The dressing, the peppers, avocado, aioli all added to the great taste. The organic juice gets an A+!

I loved the Flame Thrower so much that I ordered the same when I visited the place weeks later with a friend.

For chicken lovers, I totally recommend this. You'll be left wanting for more. Burger Fuel also specializes in beef burgers and I hear The Monster, a ground beef burger with cheddar cheese, mango, avocado, beef bacon (the list goes on) is one not to be missed.

As a special treat, you can now become a Burger Fuel VIB (Very Important Burger). If you are looking for special offers, discounts and much more (or are simply a loyal Burger Fuel fan), sign up to their newsletter on their Facebook page.

I wish I had discovered Burger Fuel much earlier. I'll surely be visiting again but this time around, I plan to try the Chook Royale. Thank you Burger Fuel for helping me discover a gem of a burger joint!

Have you visited Burger Fuel? What's your favorite?

BurgerFuel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Review: Ponds Clear Balance Range

Got acne prone troublesome skin? Here's a quick review on Pond's latest, Clear Balance product range specifically designed for oily skin types.

My skin type is normal to dry so my cousin who has oily skin was the perfect candidate to test these products.

The Pond's Clear Balance range consists of 4 skincare products infused with special clay, each meant to tackle oily skin issues. Individuals with this skin type are known to face blackheads, acne and visible pores on a regular basis. Oily skin is less difficult to manage once you start using the right products.

Clear Solutions is an anti-bacterial facial foam that contains neem plant extract and Herbal clay to remove dirt from inside the pores. Neem is key in beating and keeping acne at bay. My cousin mentioned that the product has micro-beads that act as an exfoliator leaving skin clear of the day's impurities. Her skin felt neither tight nor dry after using the facial foam. She loved the fragrance of the product.

Dealing with open pores can be a hassle. While they won't disappear for good (unfortunately), you can combat it and minimize their appearance. One such method is using Smooth Pores. Boasting of Glacial clay and alpine water, the product has an immediate tightening effect. My cousin uses this in the morning to wake up her skin as the foam creates a cooling sensation.

The Balance Oil Control product features Mineral clay and does what it claims- absorbs excess oil and other impurities without drying out the skin. This is my cousin's favorite after Smooth Pores. I think this is a great product out of the entire range as it doesn't dry out the skin. I know several people who complain about products that regulate oil and shine as they tend to leave their skin parched.

No Blackheads is infused with Volcanic clay. This particular clay literally acts like a magnet to draw out all types of impurities (I have a face mask that contains this clay and it is amazing even for my skin type!). This deep cleansing scrub targets the blackheads and aids in unclogging pores. My cousin used this for a week and mentioned that while she didn't see any drastic change, she did notice a difference around and on her nose.

So there you have it! Say goodbye to oily skin woes with Pond's Clear Balance. There's one product for every skin problem. Which one will you try?

*The product(s) was sent by the brand/ its reps for a review. All reviews are based on my personal experience & outcome thereby presenting an honest opinion to the readers.

Lolita Lempicka Elle L'Aime Mon Rouge Gift Set

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Red lipsticks. They are like the LBD of the lipstick universe, are they not? Finding the perfect red lip color can be a hassle- choosing the right undertone, the intensity of the color, the feel, the finish...I could go on.

I have always shied away from red lipsticks. For a long time, I felt I couldn't carry it off. It's too bold of a color for me and I told myself if I would ever wear a red lip color, it would have to be the perfect one (ideally, one with a blue undertone and a matte finish). I happened to find what I was looking for and was happy with it. Then I got bored and started to look for an alternative (am I the only one who goes through this?). Time flew and I forgot about my quest for the perfect red lipstick but my makeup destiny had other plans.

I attended the Lolita Lempicka Mon Rouge lipstick launch event the other week and was introduced to a gorgeous red lip color.

This was easily one of the best events I attended. I loved the venue, the interior decoration specifically for the event, the catering...everything was detailed and captured the essence of the brand.

Makeup artist, Najla Kaddour transformed the model's day makeup to an evening look using Mon Rouge. Najla is one of those makeup artists who is down to earth and a real joy to talk to. She actually remembered one of my skincare discussions I had with her at a previous event!

Mon Rouge in 10 Rouge Lolita is a limited edition lipstick housed in a gift set featuring the Elle L'Aime fragrance. I appreciate brands that go the extra mile with packaging. How beautiful does the gift set look?

The fragrance is a fusion of coconut flower and lime topped off with jasmine and myrrh merge. It smells divine and the bottle is absolutely gorgeous.

The star product, the Mon Rouge lipstick is incredible for several different reasons. When I opened up the tube and saw the bullet, I thought this would be just another red lipstick. Everything changed with the first swipe. I loved how the color looked on me. This is the first time I applied a lipstick and was impressed from the get go.

The vibrant red glides on like silk and gives a luminous finish. It boasts of plant-based ingredients that help keeps the lips in top condition. Mon Rouge doesn't entirely survive a meal though, but that's the case with most lipsticks where touch-ups are necessary.

Overall, I absolutely love it. The Elle L'Aime Mon Rouge gift set is a great gifting option and has my seal of approval. I'd be delighted to receive this! This is a gift set that says, "Smell great, look great".

The gift set is available in Paris Gallery, Areej and selected outlets across the UAE and is priced at AED 315.

Have you tried the lipstick yet? What about the fragrance? Tell me about it in the comments section below.

D&G Launches Makeup Counter At Harvey Nichols Dubai

Monday, June 16, 2014

To celebrate the launch of the D&G makeup counter at Harvey Nics, Dubai, the luxury brand flew in their international makeup artist, Massimiliano della Maggesa. It's not everyday that you get to meet the makeup artist who worked with Alexa Chung, right?

While I knew about D&G's makeup line (I posted it sometime ago on Instagram) and the glorious Classic Cream lipsticks, Massimiliano dived into the story of the lip colors and why they had a particular fragrance. He told me that one of the designers (I forgot who- Domenico or Stefano) while a tiny tot, opened his mum's handbag and got a whiff of a fragrant flower. That memory is the reason why, today the Classic Cream lipsticks have a particular fragrance! It's pretty cool to hear interesting background stories of products that we use everyday.

Massimiliano also gave me a quick tour of the key products. I ended up having a makeover and he happened to dish out a few makeup secrets. Don't you just love it when they do that? Pretty sure he used the same secret techniques on Alexa's face as well. Time to get off my high horse now and tell you about the gorgeous D&G makeup.

The packaging, no doubt is a reflection of D&G's luxurious footprint but what's inside is equally breathtaking.

How incredibly gorgeous is this? The colors are beautiful in the case and even more pretty when applied. I absolutely love the eye shadow quad.

The Smooth Eye Shadow Quad in '110 Nude' may not look like it is appropriate for day time however, the beauty of this palette is that you can either tone down the colors or build it up for an evening look. The  eye shadows go on the eye lids like satin. I particularly like the aubergine color.

The Classic Cream Lipstick in '240 Orange' is the most gorgeous summer appropriate lip color I've come across. While the name suggests a bright coral, the shade is more of a shimmery orange.

The lipstick is creamy and goes on smoothly. On it's own, for me it's a bit too sheer and highlights more of the shimmer. I usually apply a slightly darker lip color and apply on top (one light swipe) for a luminous finish.

The Passion Eyes mascara is great for lengthening your lashes. It doesn't check all the boxes when it comes to volume but aces the test in the lengthening department.

The mascara brush fans out the lashes and gives a gorgeous overall look.

I absolutely love this trio- the colors, the intensity, the's as you would expect from D&G. The next product I'm looking to try is their foundations. When I was at Harvey Nics, I mentioned to Massimiliano that I always look for foundations that deliver a dewy finish. He suggested and applied the Liquid Luminous Foundation. The result? Radiant and flawless looking skin. My face looked like it was touched by fairy dust.

Do you have a favorite from the above? Don't forget to visit the new D&G counter at Harvey Nichols, Mall of the Emirates. You must try three things and I recommend these: the Passion Eyes Mascara, the Liquid Luminous Foundation and the Classic Cream lipstick (I would've recommend Red 620, a bright red also used in the famous Monica Bellucci's D&G ad- unfortunately it's sold out!).

Competition: Iconic Eid & AW'14 Collection

Friday, June 13, 2014

Updated (June 17, 2014)

 The winner is Delaine Dcosta. Congratulations!

Please check your inbox for more details on how to claim your prize! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Friday the 13th isn't always a bad thing! And here's proof. I've partnered with fashion brand Iconic to give one of my lucky readers not one but two prizes! Two tickets to the preview of Iconic's Eid & AW'14 Collection + an AED 200 gift voucher so you can shop what you saw at the preview!

Sounds like a great way to ring in Eid, doesn't it? Interested in bagging this prize?

Here's how to participate:

1) Like my Facebook page.
2) Follow me on Twitter here and here
3) Answer this question: What is that one 'Fashion Different' trend you will incorporate in your Eid look? (don't forget to mention your email address!)
4) In the competition post on my Facebook page, tag the friend you would like to bring along to the show. If he/she participates by posting his/her answer in the section below (on the blog), you double your chances of winning! Don't forget to tell them to mention your name in their comment.

Competition open to UAE residents only; winner MUST collect their prize from Dubai. Good luck!

Competition: Sugar Urban Nails, Dubai

Friday, June 6, 2014

Updated (June 13, 2014)

 The winner is Maria Khazanchi. Congratulations, Maria!

Please message your email address and mobile number through Facebook. You will receive an email with details on prize collection soon. Thanks to everyone who participated!

If you read my review on Sugar Urban Nails salon, you will know how much I loved the pedicure and blow dry. And one of my lucky readers can experience it for themselves!

I'm partnering with the lovely people at Sugar Urban Nails to give away a voucher consisting of a manicure and blow dry, so that your nails and hair will look uber pretty!

Want to win this treat?

Here's how:

1) Like my Facebook page
2) Follow me on Twitter here & here
3) Answer this question: How many branches does Sugar Urban Nails have in Dubai (hint)?

Competition open to UAE residents only; winner MUST collect the prize from Dubai. Good luck!

Review: Sugar Urban Nails, Dubai

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Last week, I was invited by Sugar Urban Nails salon located in Almas Tower, JLT to try out their services. I love getting my nails done (who doesn't?) and my favorite is when you get to top it off with a treatment.

First off, let me start by saying that I love almonds, so I selected the Milk & Almond manicure along with the Sexy Soles pedicure. I noticed the salon doesn't stock Essie but does have the latest in OPI and CND, which is just fab! They also happened to stock the latest OPI collection which featured a sunny yellow and vibrant coral. I opted for a violet for the mani and a lilac for the pedi.

My treatment began with the basic nail care and what followed was a truly pampering treat.The Milk & Almond manicure consisted of a sugar and almond oil scrub applied to my arms and hands. It served as an exfoliator and it felt great knowing that the key ingredient here was almond oil (it has a number of skin beautifying benefits!). A few minutes later, the scrub was wiped off. My arms and hands felt softer immediately; post the scrub a gorgeous golden gel (shea butter with almond) was applied to boost the moisture levels. My arms were wrapped in cling-film and after 15mins, the gel was wiped away with a warm towel. It was followed with applying the polish on my nails. This treatment was pure bliss!

The Sexy Soles treatment was equally amazing! This treatment is best for tired feet as it contains cooling mint and relaxing lavender. My feet and nails were given the usual process of a pedicure (sans the color) and then plopped in a warm lavender soak. It was quite relaxing. We always put our feet through so much, that we forget to pamper them (raise your hand if you have foot blisters from wearing those Louboutins).

Later, my feet were scrubbed with a refreshing spearmint scrub, followed by a cooling mint masque and covered in cling-film so the skin soaks in all the goodness. The treatment concluded with a fab cream massaged in and a polish on my toes. I loved getting this treatment!

I also went in for one of Sugar Urban Nails' facials. The products used are by a Hungarian brand called Eminence Organics. I chose the White and Bright Eminence Facial as I wanted to get rid of the dullness and achieve a glow. All products by Eminence are organic in nature. The facial included a Yam & Pumpkin Peel that tingled slightly when applied to the face. I was told the peel was the key product that would work towards delivering the glow I was after.

While I did not notice a drastic change once the facial concluded (I was informed I will have to repeat the facial every month to see the results), my skin had a subtle glow- hurray! Did you know that the Eminence facials are preferred by celebs such as Megan Fox, Olivia Wilde, Madonna etc?

I concluded my pampering session at the salon with a blow dry. I LOVED the way the salon attendant (I didn't catch her name, unfortunately) did my hair. I asked for my hair to be blow dried straight but she gave my hair volume and slight curls at the end- it was fit for an event. I totally loved it.

The staff at Sugar Urban Nails were hospitable and I was quite happy with everything! I will definitely be going back for the Sexy Soles pedicure and the blow-dry. I recommend everything you've read, but if anything at all, get the blow-dry. You won't be disappointed.

I'm so glad I discovered this little gem of a salon. Special thanks to Sugar Urban Nails for this pampering treat! Connect with them on Facebook  or view their menu of service and book your appointment today!

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