Review: Rimmel Color Rush Balm

Monday, May 19, 2014

Do you remember the first chubby stick? Neither do I. But what I do remember is that girls go ape over chubby sticks because of the numerous keeps lips hydrated, it isn't a lipstick or a lip gloss but delivers a glossy finish, is available in every possible color etc etc.

Rimmel jumped on the chubby sticks bandwagon and in collaboration with celebrity Rita Ora, developed Color Rush Balms. I love Rimmel. It's one of the drugstore brands that has never let me down. There's always atleast 1 Rimmel product in my makeup bag and this blush has become one of my favorites.

I actually love these jumbo crayon style sticks. One swipe gives you a gorgeous color for the entire day. The shade that I have is called Keep Mauving. 

While the name suggests mauve as the shade, it's got a little more orchid pink mixed in than usual. It is, nonetheless a pretty color. One swipe of this gives you a sheer finish and it's almost a MLBB color. If you layer it on, you'll witness a gorgeous orchid-mauve shade. 

I prefer the latter. The Color Rush Balm stick is great however, it does not survive a meal or drink (in my case juices and water). It does leave a sheer color (no stain as such) but you will have to re-apply. I love the fact that it isn't overtly glossy and a matte version of this color would be incredibly beautiful! 

There are several more shades ranging from a shocking pink to a deep red. 

Have you tried this or other chubby sticks? What's your favorite shade?

Rimmel Color Rush Balm is available at select stores across the UAE.

*The product(s) was sent by the brand/ its reps for a review. All reviews are based on my personal experience & outcome thereby presenting an honest opinion to the readers.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i was thinking of getting this but its out of stock now. I'm thinking of getting the bourjois crayon in plum russian, however could you please tell me if they are very different? (

Neelofer said...

Hi there! You can still find it in a few stores (check Lifestyle at MoE) but they will discontinue the product soon.

Neelofer said...

Also, in terms of difference- I found the Bourjois sticks to be more smoother to apply than the Rimmel ones. In terms of finish, you can layer on the Bourjois sticks for a more opaque color whereas Rimmel is slightly more sheer (you might have to go over it a couple of times for the desired color).

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