Sephora Launches New Generation Makeup Collection In Dubai

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I discovered Sephora at a time when the brand did not exist in the Middle East. When I stumbled upon the Sephora US website, I was drawn to their makeovers, videos and tips. It was everything I wanted from a beauty site- there were beauty experts dishing out secrets, products being sold online, gift so I signed up for their newsletter.This was in 2002 (I had to go through my emails and yes, I still have that first newsletter I received!). I haven't unsubscribed from their list because their newsletters just keep getting better!

Today, Sephora is available across the Middle East and I can recognize the monochrome stripes from a distance. Sephora houses makeup from some of the best brands and of late, they launched their own line of beauty products.

The latest collection, a new 'generation of makeup' was launched at the Meydan Beach Club in Dubai and it was a delight to see the ol' black and white stripes along with a host of new beauty products.

The new generation makeup featured a host of Sephora nail polishes, eye shadows, blushes, palettes, lipsticks in Spring ready colors. Do you spot the turquoise mascara (my favorite!) and the gorgeous blushes?

Skincare products included moisturizing serums, CC creams, water based cleansers and more.

While all products looked great, I tested out a handful of them. Do they live up to their claim?

The first product I tried was Sephora's Liquid Moisturizing Skin Concentrate. Sephora calls this a liquid moisturizer that's as powerful as a serum and doubles up as a toner. I call it amazing.

You either apply this directly to the face (after cleansing) with a cotton pad or with your finger tips. I do the latter, I just think using this with a cotton pad is a waste. The product is light-weight and instantly absorbed by the skin. It has such a wonderful fragrance, it reminds me of freshly cut cucumbers.

The liquid moisturizer claims to smooth, illuminate and refine the skin's texture. While I can't comment on those as of yet, I can confirm that it provides ample hydration. The minor dry patches on my face disappeared after a few day's use (I did use my moisturizing cream in conjunction with this). So far, I love this moisturizer. You can definitely use this on its own i.e. don't follow up with a moisturizing cream and you will notice it keeps the skin hydrated.

The Sephora Super Regenerating Oil-Serum is another star product. It is an anti-ageing face oil and claims to repair the skin while making it radiant.

The first thing that came to my mind when I read the name of the product was that it would be slightly thicker in consistency. But no. It's almost like that of water, has a subtle rose fragrance and is packed with seaweed extract and a collagen booster peptide. It does keep my skin soft and imparts a subtle radiance; other than that I have yet to notice other benefits. I love this because I can quickly slip this on before the BB cream routine/ powder foundation.

The Sephora 10 hour Fix & Correct Concealer is my new favorite when it comes to hiding skin flaws. This dual ended product corrects, brightens and conceals. The fine tip corrects and conceals under eye circles and other blemishes.The other side brightens the eye area and blends effortlessly. Totally love this product!

Ever put on amazing eye makeup and then struggled with applying glitter on top? Do you, like the rest of the girls apply a little Vaseline for the glitter to stay put? The Sephora 24 hour Glittergaurd is a brilliant way to keep glitter in place. Whilst the product states that it will keep glitter on your eyelids sans the fallout, it serves as an eye makeup primer to hold everything from shimmer to other eye shadows. And when you are applying darker colors on the lid, make sure to use this one. It makes the color more vibrant.

I will be reviewing the other products soon including the revolutionary upside down mascara and lip inks.

Have you tried Sephora's new generation makeup? Do you have a favorite?

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