Review: Bath & Body Works Forever Midnight Collection

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I attended the launch of Bath & Body Works latest, the Forever Midnight collection and ever since then I have bought about 3 different products from them. Previously, I used to browse real quick, not find anything I liked, and exit the store. This time around, I took my time to test out a few of their body creams, mists and home accessories (I love their candles!).

The Forever Midnight collection consists of all things wonderful from a shower gel to a body cream and there's something for men too.

The Forever Midnight collection for women features a shower gel, lotion, mist, body cream and a fragrance all capturing the essence of plum nectar, vanilla orchid, midnight jasmine and caramel.

It's a sweet smelling bunch- the first application of either product gives off a strong whiff of jasmine and vanilla. It tends to settle down after a while.

While the shower gel does its job at leaving the skin smooth, I loved the body cream. The fragrance is a bit strong for me and hence a little goes a long way. I didn't use the gel and cream in conjunction but individually.

It is said if you want a fragrance to linger on for hours, you use the shower gel, top it off with the same cream and then spray the fragrance. On its own, each product from the Forever Midnight range has a long lasting fragrance.

For men, the Midnight Forever consists of body wash, lotion and fragrance. I liked the fragrance! I know, I know- quit rolling your eyes. A contrast from the pack of jasmine, orchid and the rest, the men's fragrance is a blend of bergamot spice, black pepper, grapefruit, patchouli and more. It's one of those fresh fragrances and perfect for summer.

Have you tried any of these? Do you have a a favorite from Bath & Body Works that I should try?

The Forever Midnight collection is now available in Bath & Body Works stores across the UAE.

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