Herra Protect: The New Hair Perfume

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Summer's right around the corner and while it means hordes of people flocking to the beach, buying ice-cream, retailers selling special sunscreen lotions etc, it also means frizzy hair. Summer is unforgiving to the hair strands, that's why there are products such as hair sunscreen (yes, they exist!) and protective hair sprays.

And that brings me to a new product known as Herra Protect Hair Perfume. The product, designed by Chanel's former fragrance expert, is a fragrance for hair but also has a host of added benefits of hydration and protection.

It combines Sunflower and Olive Fruit extracts that prevent fading of hair color, protect against UV damage and free radicals. The other key ingredient is Glycerine, which is known for its moisturizing properties. And now, the best part- the fragrance consists of vanilla, midnight orchid, mimosa and musk among other glorifying ingredients.

You know how we start the week with red-carpet ready hair? The shiny, oil free, luxurious hair? And then mid-week, the hair goes through a panic attack and decides it should look like a mop i.e. lifeless? Or how about when you step out of the salon and your hair smells a bit like the hair-dryer? Remember the time when your friend smoked in her car and your hair ends up smelling like cigarettes? While Herra Protect won't revive the lifeless looking hair (it's not a dry shampoo), it will definitely make it smell great.

Herra Protect is also safe to use on hair subjected to the Keratin treatment and or colored hair.

I've use this on and off throughout the week and love it. A few spritz of the product is enough for the entire day. It's almost as good to use it as a standard fragrance!

I got the chance to interview James Davis, the founder of the fab product. I asked him a bunch of questions including how we can protect hair from extreme weather conditions/changes. Here's what he had to say:

Have you tried Herra Hair Protect? What do you use to protect your hair in the summer?

Herra Hair Protect is available in UAE at all branches of Sisters Beauty Lounge, Bloomingdale's, Harvey Nichols and online at Bashara CareTejuri.

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