Wishlist: Clutches and Bags

Thursday, March 27, 2014

This year's Paris Fashion Week witnessed an abundance of gorgeous accessories and some 'what-is-that?' moments. Being a handbag addict (does a Handbags Anonymous therapy session exist?), a handful of bags and clutches landed on my wishlist including the jeweled clutches from Dior.

This has to be the most gorgeous Chanel bag ever.

The neon Giambattista Valli bag- the color does all the talking.

The grey version looks pretty good too. It would look amazing against a cobalt blue outfit.

Love this teal colored Elie Saab beauty.

Cobalt blue is a color that's slowly becoming my favorite. This Roland Mouret clutch with contrasts is just about perfect.

I saved the best for the last. Dior's jeweled clutches are incredible.

And that's a wrap! Out of all, I love the Dior clutches and aiming to check them out once they are in store.

Got a favorite?

What He Wore: Swatch

Monday, March 24, 2014

My obsession with watches will never end. How amazing is this Swatch camouflage/ military print watch for men? I loved it to the moment I saw it.

Love the digital screen too. If you told me about watches with camouflage as a print, I'd roll my eyes and ignore. But seeing this wants me to get one for myself (pretty sure girls can pull it off without raising eyebrows).

My camera and I will be on the lookout for more fab watches.Watch this space.

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Review: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Polish

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear nail polishes are all to do with vibrant color and glitter. And what better time to wear these colors than the summer season?

I tried Hot Tamale, a bright coral and Sea-ing Stars, a glittery top coat.

Hot Tamale is apt for summer. Coral is one of the colors that was spotted every now and then on the catwalk and is dubbed as summer's 'it' color. You will need two coats of polish to acquire an opaque finish.

While Sea-ing Stars looks like a jade glitter polish, it isn't. It's a top coat and shows well when worn against a contrasting base. Here I paired Sea-ing Stars with YSL's Vert D'Orient.

Neither colors had any major chipping for 5 days straight; Sea-ing is my favorite from the two!

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear polishes are available in 8 shades across Faces stores in the UAE.

*The product was sent by the brand/ its reps for a review. All reviews are based on my personal experience & outcome thereby presenting an honest opinion to the readers.

The Food Byte: Blueberry Oats Smoothie

Saturday, March 22, 2014

I love yogurt. I can eat yogurt without the add-ons (fruit etc) happily. The other day I was browsing recipe websites without an aim. I read a few recipes here and there, then stumbled upon an amazing picture of what looked like a glass filled with something violet. And lo and behold! I discovered the Blueberry Oats Smoothie.

It sounded great while reading and the recipe didn't ask for numerous ingredients. Blueberries are powerful health fruits- they are a powerhouse when it comes to antioxidants (so, pack them on!), strengthens bones to some extent, boosts memory,  keeps the eyes and heart healthy. We all know the benefits of yogurt and oats right?

This makes an excellent breakfast and keeps you full until lunch time (goodbye unnecessary snack cravings). Mum makes it for me every now and then and because it is delicious, I drink this in the evenings at times.

The blueberries themselves are so good to eat, I take a handful and stuff my mouth with it. Hello violet colored tongue! I got the ones from Carrefour. Spinneys has them too but I  found the produce at Carrefour to be a tad bit better.

Here's what you'll need.


1 cup yogurt
1/2 cup oats (I used muesli instead)
1 cup fresh blueberries
1-2 tablespoon sugar (substitute with honey if required)
1 cup milk (I used Al Rawabi)

  1. Mix yogurt with muesli/oats. Keep in fridge overnight. This helps the oats/muesli to soften.
  2. The next day, put everything in the blender and blend.
  3. Then drink up.
It's that easy! It tastes great and is healthy too. 

Do you have a favorite you always make? Tell me about it! I may try it.

Koton Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Friday, March 21, 2014

Koton launched their fun Spring/Summer '14 collection at Story Lounge, Holiday Inn, Dubai and it was great to see florals making a huge comeback. Florals are like a breath of fresh air and when brands revamp florals, it's even better.

Turkish brand Koton's Spring/Summer '14 collection featured a combination of different catwalk trends for men, women, kids and teens.

The women's collection featured monochrome with pops of color thereby infusing a little life into the standard black and white look. The Riviera collection boasted of nautical themes with rope detailing and embellishments. Let's not forget the florals and lace making up the other part of the collection.

The Urban Luxury featured revamped denim for a more casual chic look.

The Safari collection was very much one that took you back to the jungles of Africa. I loved the detail on this coat where you have the leopard print peeking out from the sleeves.

The Tribal collection brought together boho chic and elements from the modern wardrobe. Pale pink, emerald green and more were prominent within the collection.

Statement necklaces in bold and pastel colors along with handbags and watches made up the Spring/Summer accessories set.

The men's collection featured marine inspired pieces along with tailored jackets, shirts and chino trousers.

The kids and teen wear were dominated by bright colors, tassles, safari shorts, linen shirts and more.

I loved the accessories especially the statement necklaces and here are my favorites:

The SS '14 collection is now available across all Koton stores in the UAE.

C.Wonder Launches In Dubai, UAE

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Let me start off by saying I'd like to purchase almost every single thing at the C.Wonder. Now, let's talk about the store.

C.Wonder is the brainchild of Christopher Burch (designer Tory Burch's ex-husband) and first opened its doors in New York, USA. Fast forward to three years and the UAE witnessed C.Wonder launch it's first Middle East store in Mall of the Emirates.

One look at the store and it will instantly put you in a good mood. The use of color, the interiors, the clothes, shoes, accessories, home decor, and more will make you create a mental wishlist while gawking at the wallets and bracelets. C.Wonder also offers monogramming and other personalized items. It's pretty cool to have you initials monogrammed on a C.Wonder handbag.

Here are my favorites:

I absolutely love these. The honeycomb detailing make the shoes look pretty! This was the first thing that landed on my wishlist.

It was accessories galore on fellow blogger, Ekta's hand. Love the cork bracelets!

This striped jacket seals the deal. It will complete an outfit in a jiffy!

More favorites...

All this and more are available at C.Wonder, Mall of the Emirates. Head down there today and let me know what you got. I know I'll be getting those honeycomb pumps.

Review: Bath & Body Works Forever Midnight Collection

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I attended the launch of Bath & Body Works latest, the Forever Midnight collection and ever since then I have bought about 3 different products from them. Previously, I used to browse real quick, not find anything I liked, and exit the store. This time around, I took my time to test out a few of their body creams, mists and home accessories (I love their candles!).

The Forever Midnight collection consists of all things wonderful from a shower gel to a body cream and there's something for men too.

The Forever Midnight collection for women features a shower gel, lotion, mist, body cream and a fragrance all capturing the essence of plum nectar, vanilla orchid, midnight jasmine and caramel.

It's a sweet smelling bunch- the first application of either product gives off a strong whiff of jasmine and vanilla. It tends to settle down after a while.

While the shower gel does its job at leaving the skin smooth, I loved the body cream. The fragrance is a bit strong for me and hence a little goes a long way. I didn't use the gel and cream in conjunction but individually.

It is said if you want a fragrance to linger on for hours, you use the shower gel, top it off with the same cream and then spray the fragrance. On its own, each product from the Forever Midnight range has a long lasting fragrance.

For men, the Midnight Forever consists of body wash, lotion and fragrance. I liked the fragrance! I know, I know- quit rolling your eyes. A contrast from the pack of jasmine, orchid and the rest, the men's fragrance is a blend of bergamot spice, black pepper, grapefruit, patchouli and more. It's one of those fresh fragrances and perfect for summer.

Have you tried any of these? Do you have a a favorite from Bath & Body Works that I should try?

The Forever Midnight collection is now available in Bath & Body Works stores across the UAE.

Rimmel's Beauty Launch

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rimmel is a brand that is close to my heart. Circa 2001, I was gifted a Rimmel box as a thank you for helping out a friend with a mammoth task. As I unwrapped the gift, my face lit up like a light bulb (I mean, it's pretty things in a box after all!). I saw 4 makeup products: an eyeliner, a lip liner, a lipstick and a mascara (I can't believe I still remember that!); that was the first time I used Rimmel. Ever since then, the brand has evolved and offers a variety of beautifying products every season.

Rimmel recently hosted an event to showcase the launch of products that are apt for the summer. From the new Moisture Renew Lipstick to the Scandal Eyes Rockin' Curves mascara- the brand has you covered for this season. Did you know Rita Ora is the new face of the brand? 

I love Rimmel especially their matte lipsticks and I discovered another favorite of mine this time around- their new cream blush! I'm giving you the low-down on 3 fun products. 

rimmel stay blushed scandal eye rockin curves mascara kate moss matte lipstick lasting finish review

Stay Blushed is my favorite out of the bunch. Although Rimmel calls it a liquid cheek tint, it is more of a cream blush in terms of consistency. Stay Blushed in 001 Pop Of Pink is a lovely matte pink that will suit all complexions. 

rimmel stay blushed 001 pop of pink liquid cheek stain blush review

The product comes in a tube, is light-weight and blends effortlessly without leaving any streaks. You require a small amount and the color is buildable. The swatch below displays the true color, see the blended version on the right of the swatch. 

rimmel stay blushed 001 pop of pink liquid cheek stain blush review swatch

Stay Blushed leaves a natural looking tint on the cheeks and stays put for over 6 hours- you don't need to re-apply. It comes off easily with a makeup remover or a cleanser, which means you don't have to keep rubbing your cheeks. It has a fresh as cucumber fragrance (at least that's what I feel). I love this blush! Stay Blushed is available in 5 different colors.

The Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss is a moisturizing lip color. Unlike other matte finishes, this lipstick gives a subtle sheen to the lips and doesn't dry out after a few hours.

rimmel lasting finish lipstick coral kate moss review

This color in particular is a sheer coral and since coral lips are going to be all the rage this summer, you better pick this one up!

The final product is the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Rockin' Curves mascara. See the mascara brush? It's been specifically designed to coat each lash and even reach the smallest ones. For me, the mascara gives more of a natural look and provides longer looking lashes as opposed to volume.

rimmel stay blushed scandal eye rockin curves mascara kate moss matte lipstick lasting finish review

The Rimmel Stay Blushed, Lasting Finish Matte lipstick and Scandal Eyes Rockin' Curves mascara are now available in Boots, Lifestyle and Carrefour in the UAE.

Have you tried any of these? How about Stay Blushed?

Herra Protect: The New Hair Perfume

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Summer's right around the corner and while it means hordes of people flocking to the beach, buying ice-cream, retailers selling special sunscreen lotions etc, it also means frizzy hair. Summer is unforgiving to the hair strands, that's why there are products such as hair sunscreen (yes, they exist!) and protective hair sprays.

And that brings me to a new product known as Herra Protect Hair Perfume. The product, designed by Chanel's former fragrance expert, is a fragrance for hair but also has a host of added benefits of hydration and protection.

It combines Sunflower and Olive Fruit extracts that prevent fading of hair color, protect against UV damage and free radicals. The other key ingredient is Glycerine, which is known for its moisturizing properties. And now, the best part- the fragrance consists of vanilla, midnight orchid, mimosa and musk among other glorifying ingredients.

You know how we start the week with red-carpet ready hair? The shiny, oil free, luxurious hair? And then mid-week, the hair goes through a panic attack and decides it should look like a mop i.e. lifeless? Or how about when you step out of the salon and your hair smells a bit like the hair-dryer? Remember the time when your friend smoked in her car and your hair ends up smelling like cigarettes? While Herra Protect won't revive the lifeless looking hair (it's not a dry shampoo), it will definitely make it smell great.

Herra Protect is also safe to use on hair subjected to the Keratin treatment and or colored hair.

I've use this on and off throughout the week and love it. A few spritz of the product is enough for the entire day. It's almost as good to use it as a standard fragrance!

I got the chance to interview James Davis, the founder of the fab product. I asked him a bunch of questions including how we can protect hair from extreme weather conditions/changes. Here's what he had to say:

Have you tried Herra Hair Protect? What do you use to protect your hair in the summer?

Herra Hair Protect is available in UAE at all branches of Sisters Beauty Lounge, Bloomingdale's, Harvey Nichols and online at Bashara CareTejuri.

Glambox x Bliss: A Box Full Of Skin Perfecting Goodies

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

If you are a beauty junkie and haven't heard about Glambox, then you probably have been living under a rock.

Glambox is (literally) a glamor box filled with beauty products that arrives at your doorstep every month. You pay a subscription fee and get to try products in the luxury of your home. I must say, Glambox has improved their partner list ever since their inception and added a plethora of brands including my favorite Elemis!

They recently brought on board another skin and body care brand which I like- Bliss. I have my favorites from Bliss and one particular product does its job every time I use it (read on to find out what it is). Glambox did a great job selecting products for the face and body.

The first two are products for the body- Bliss Soapy Suds in Blood Orange & White Pepper. This is a shower gel that doubles up as an invigorating bath soak. It has an incredible fragrance (I love anything orange) and leaves the skin squeaky clean and smooth.

You use the Bliss Blood Orange & White Pepper Body Butter for soft skin. I was sold when I read blood orange on the package. I tried it on and fell in love with it. It is non-greasy, absorbs almost immediately, has such a fresh fragrance and isn't overwhelming. I use this more as a moisturizing hand cream than on body.

The shower gel and body cream are a great pick me up post a long day at work.

There are interesting products for the face. The Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash is a multi-tasking product. Containing rosehip extract, chamomile and passion flower among other ingredients, this oil- free face wash is a cleanser and exfoliator. It has minuscule exfoliating beads that scrub away dead skin whilst cleansing the face off impurities. And because the exfoliating granules are soft, you can use it everyday.

I am in love with the Triple Oxygen line from Bliss. I reviewed the Triple Oxygen Starter Kit previously and if you are looking for radiant skin or a new set of skincare products, I recommend you try the kit. The Bliss Triple Oxygen + C Energizing Cream is a moisturizer that is infused with vitamin C. My favorite product from Bliss is the Triple Oxygen Instant Energizer Mask. I said it before, and I'll say it again- this mask is magic. It does its job every single time it is used. Read about the Energizer Cream and Mask here.

The final product and the one that I'm excited about is the That's Incredi-peel.

Firstly, kudos to Bliss's creative unit for the product name. Secondly, this product contains Glycolic acid that specifically helps in improving the quality of skin, boosts cell renewal etc. Bliss calls it their 'overnight facial'. I have yet to try this, so watch this space for a review.

Bliss products are available to purchase through Glambox's website (or through select stockists in the UAE).

Bliss is just one brand that's available through Glambox. Subscribe today to discover more beauty goodies. It gets better. Glambox is kind enough to give my readers a 25% discount!

Use the code GBNEELOFER to redeem 25% off your subscriptions!

Have you tried any of these products? Are you a Glambox subscriber? What's your favorite product/brand that you discovered through Glambox?

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