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Friday, February 7, 2014

One thing I've learnt from everyone around me is that girls worry a lot about their weight. A LOT. There were times when I couldn't choose a certain restaurant because my friends just didn't want to eat there. Why? Because of the temptation. Here's one (paraphrased) conversation from years ago:

Me: "So, let's go eat at Chili's. Neither of us have had desserts for a week or so and Chili's has the molten ca-"
Friend: "NO"

Such convos were a regular, even fruit yogurt was off the table. I believe you can eat anything you want as long as it is done in moderation. People assume they can cut of certain food from their diet and lose weight. No. You need to workout regularly and focus on key aspects of your workout plan. Some of my friends get upset when they don't witness results in 2 weeks' time. They are being impatient. The results will start to show but you need to give it some time. When you are down, you need a a plan that boosts positive thoughts.

This particular plan known as the Special K Positivity Plan has been developed in conjunction with Kellogg's and coach, Miriam. Have a read:
  1. Train your brain: Your brain has negativity bias, so it's crucial to focus on your positive assets- great sense of humor, lovely smile- to help you aim for success every day.
  2. Stay kind: When you perform an act of kindness for someone, both you and the recipient feel good which leads to positivity bouncing back and forth between you.
  3. Be an optimist: Recognize that temporary set backs are just that- temporary. Thinking this way helps build a more positive state of mind. 
  4. Think small: Build confidence by making small goals and recognizing every single achievement.
  5. Live your life purpose: Look ahead and make plans. Making progress towards your vision will give you a sense of satisfaction and boost your positivity. 

  1. Get perspective: Think about life in more flexible terms. Negative beliefs can turn into monsters, so do your best to put them in perspective and think of what action you can take. 
  2. Cherish love: Love is the queen of positive emotions, but for a relationship to truly flourish you need a ratio of 5:1 positive to negative emotions. Boost your well-being by being as social as you can and nurturing your life affirming relationships. 
  3. Thank you therapy: Take some time at the end of everyday to think about what's gone well, what's good in your life and what you are grateful for.
  4. Bring the fun factor: Do what you love- the fun, enjoyable and healthy things in life maximize the joy in your positivity machine. 
  5. Do it for you: Having positive motivations for success maximizes your chances. Intrinsic motivation is where you're motivated to do something for its own sake and is more likely to work than an extrinsic motivation. 
Use these tips for everything in life and you will soon have a 'can do' attitude! Remember, patience is the key.

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