The Organic Pharmacy Facial At Sisters Beauty Lounge

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I first went to Sisters Beauty Lounge located in Dubai Mall about a year and half ago in tears. I was crying because I was at a salon in The Address Hotel, Dubai Mall where the ridiculous hairdresser cut my hair shorter than I asked him to. Never going to that (worst) salon again! When I realized what he did to my hair, I stormed out of the salon and went to the nearest one to get a blow dry (yes, I actually walked out with damp hair because I was fuming!). That salon happened to be Sisters Beauty Lounge. Before the blow dry, I opted for a hair conditioning treatment and cried some more thinking about the disastrous hair cut. Nonetheless, I got an amazing blow dry.

The second time I visited the salon was for a fringe cut and you know what? The hairdresser gave me the best fringe- it was exactly what I wanted. I was really impressed and every now and then, go to Sisters for my hair styling needs. If you are looking for a new hair style/cut, pay them a visit- I suggest you print out a few pics of hair styles you have in mind. I did just that for my fringe cut. 

So when Sisters invited me to try out their latest facial, I was more than happy to do so. The salon recently launched The Organic Pharmacy (TOP), a well known UK skin care brand. TOP products and facials are exclusively available at the Dubai Mall branch and all ingredients used in the products are organic in nature.

Out of the 4 signature facials available, I chose the Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial. Doesn't it sound divine? This facial is developed specifically to re-energize the skin and leave it glowing. The therapist kick started the session with a few questions about my skin and then the facial began.

A luxurious cleanser known as the Carrot Butter Cleansing Balm was applied to take the day's grime off my face. Carrots are my favorite and while I was expecting the cleanser to smell a little bit like carrots, it didn't. It had a pleasant fragrance and the balm felt smooth on the skin.

Once my skin was clear of makeup, a soothing Flower Petal Deep Cleanser and Mask was applied. While the mask worked its magic, I was treated to an amazing shoulder, arm and foot massage. The therapist did a great job because I dozed off for a few minutes. That was embarrassing! 

Moving on...I was told that the Flower Petal mask deep cleanses the skin thoroughly and preps it such that the skin can soak in the goodness of the next treatment. Following that was a glorious Honey and Jasmine Mask. Containing evening primrose, shea butter and aloe among other skin benefiting ingredients, this served as a moisture laden face mask. The therapist initiated a head massage and I honestly can't remember what she told me because I dozed off again. Yes, embarrassing I know.

Post the mask, it was time for a few pumps of the Rose Facial Spritz Toner followed by a Rose Plus Brightening Complex serum that not only brightens the skin but also acts as a lifting and smoothing agent.

After the Lip and Eye Cream, the Rose Plus Face Cream was applied as the final step of the facial. When I got the chance to stand in front of the mirror, I immediately noticed my face was brighter. Soft skin? Check. Smooth skin? Check. Glowing skin? Check, check, check and check. 

I was quite happy with the results of the facial and loved the fact that all TOP products used were organic and free of the usual toxins. The therapist was wonderful as well and paid attention to everything I said about skin concerns and what I was expecting from the session. Did I achieve the results I was looking for from the facial? Totally. When I went home, my mum noticed the difference in my skin. It was dewy and glowing. I wish my skin was this way everyday! I am seriously considering purchasing the Carrot Butter Cleanser and the Rose Plus Face Cream.

Sisters Beauty Lounge in Dubai Mall offers TOP's 4 facials including the one I chose. Ask them which facial will suit your skin best and prepare yourself for an amazing experience. As the festive season approaches, I recommend the facial I tried as it suits all skin types. You can replicate the process at home as the products are available for purchase at the salon.

Thank you Sisters Beauty Lounge for pampering me! I will be booking myself and my cousin for another session pretty soon. 

Clare said...

I didnt know Organic Pharmacy was in Dubai!! Up until I moved here I was an ardent fan of them. Time to re-stock. Lovely review!! :)

Noura A said...

I love your blog!! And Your reviews. :-=)

Latifah said...

I will try this. Hope i will not breakout bec i have sensitive skin

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