Review: Mikyajy Beauty Essentials Kit & Some More

Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Beauty Essentials Kit by Mikyajy is the latest from the make-up brand and is ideal for girls who are always on the go. It has been devised for girls who don't want to go through a ton of make-up products but still want to achieve that polished look.

The kit consists of 5 Sabaya products that come in a magenta colored pouch but in reality, there are 7. How? Read on.

Starting off with one product that has dual features: the Sabaya Liquid Eyeliner & Volume Mascara. The eyeliner stays put for hours with absolutely no smudging.

The applicator brush is thin so it helps with that fine flick when it comes to the cat eye effect.

The Volume Mascara does its job well. One coat gives a natural look and the second, a dramatic effect. I even got a "Your eyelashes look huuuge" comment.

There is no fall-out from the mascara once it dries out which is a bonus. The mascara has a slightly creamy to dry formula.

When you do your eyes, you can't forget your eyebrows, can you? The Sabaya Eyebrow Styling Gel tool comes with a brush and gel to tame those unruly brows or that one strand that decides to be a rebel.

The Eyebrow Styling Gel is available in two colors: Brown and Black. I know a lot of people go crazy with eyebrow gel.

The best way to use this is to comb the eyebrows, apply one thin coat of gel and wait for it to dry. It's not necessary to apply 3 coats of gel unless you want stiff looking brows. They look ridiculous.

The other products in the kit include a clear lip gloss to moisturize the lips, a Line & Shadow Pencil that doubles up as an eye liner or eyebrow filler, a mirror and an atomizer. An atomizer is truly a handy tool. You can carry your favorite fragrance in it instead of carrying the full bottle.

And that wraps up the products in the Beauty Essentials Kit. I reckon it will be an ideal gift to teens who have jumped on the make-up bandwagon.

Make-up isn't quite complete without that spritz of your favorite fragrance, right? The Sabaya Sparkle is the latest addition to Mikyajy's line of fragrances. A combination of floral, fruity and musk makes this fragrance delightfully pleasant. This is your fragrance if you like jasmine, vanilla, wild berries, pear and musk.

The next product is something I disliked initially but on second try, it worked like a charm! The Sabaya Starlights is finely milled eyeshadow in a bottle. They create an incredible luminous finish and certain colors create a two-toned eyeshadow effect.

The texture of the eyeshadows is soft and blends easily. The product comes with an in-built applicator so you don't have to reach out for a brush. The colors shown below are 06, a light pink to gold eye shadow whereas 01 is pearl colored. I found that 01 works better as a brow bone highlighter.

The other color, 06 is pretty much a two toned effect eye-shadow. If you pat it on as opposed to dragging/brushing it all over the eyelid, it creates a pretty sunset pink to gold effect. When light hits at different angles, you see gold right in the center of the eyelid and pink in the outer corner. Unfortunately, my camera couldn't capture this effect 100%, so here's a picture that is closest to what I'm referring to.

If you aren't a fan of that, try applying an absolutely thin layer of the eye-shadow for a brilliant finish as shown below.

The eyeshadow stays on for hours without budging. The only issue I had with Starlights is that the wand picks up a lot of product, so prior to application you definitely need to tap off the excess.

You can buy all the products in this review from Mikyajy's website. Purchase the Beauty Essentials Kit here and the Sabaya Starlights here.

So there you have it. Do you use any of these products? Have you tried a different color within the Starlights range? Let me know in the comments section below.

*The product(s) was sent by the brand/ its reps for a review. All reviews are based on my personal experience & outcome thereby presenting an honest opinion to the readers.

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