Review: Davines Glorifying Hair Care Range

Thursday, October 17, 2013

You may not realize this but hair, just like skin requires UV protection. Surprise! Yep, sunscreen for hair exists. The sun has drying effects (or as I like to call it, moisture absorbing effects) not only on the skin but also on hair. This is where those wide brimmed hats come into use. The harsh summer weather has taught me that scarves or hats are not the only things that protect the hair. What you wash your hair with also plays a major role.

The Davines Glorifying Hair Care line seems like a breath of fresh air. Designed specifically to protect and sustain the intensity of colored locks, the range of products are power packed with anti-aging ingredients and UV protection.

I tried the products for about 4 weeks and here's my verdict:

The Glorifying Shimmering Shampoo is meant to soften and hydrate the hair. Whilst it is called a shampoo, it does not lather like your standard shampoos.

When I used it first, I thought my hair wasn't wet enough and hence no lather. This seems more like a smooth-it-on-your-hair-and-wash-off product. The shampoo is liquid in nature and not the usual creamy/ gel like version we are all used to. Post using this a total of three times in different weeks, while I didn't notice a huge difference, my hair did seem to be a little more calm in the frizz department. Although the name of the product states 'Shimmer', it does not contain any shimmer/glittery particles.

The Glorifying Pak is a hair mask that has a thick consistency. I applied this from root to tip and waited for a full 15 minutes before washing it off even though it says 5 mins is sufficient.

The best part is that it does not drip and once applied, it has an extremely faint (bearable and pleasant) fragrance. I used this mask religiously and the results were visible. Improved hair condition i.e. softer hair. I still use this mask from time to time especially when my hair requires a little pampering.

The Glorifying Treatment Color Protective is a leave-in conditioner in liquid form. I depend on leave-in-conditioners. They are one of the best inventions for hair. This product is my favorite out of the bunch.

It smells divine and imparts shine like no other. It comes in a spray bottle hence wastage is not going to be a problem. Even if I don't use the shampoo or hair mask, I use the leave-in conditioner after every wash. Did I mention it softens my hair? Impressive product. Love it! I wish it came in a slightly bigger bottle.

The Glorifying Serum takes second place after the leave-in conditioner. This silk like and completely light-weight oil contains the famous Omega-6 and is ideal to use after styling the hair. It's more like a hair serum that gives hair the red-carpet ready polished look. As a bonus, it does not weigh the hair down.

About two to three drops goes a long way. Do not use more than that, else your hair tends to stick in bunches (yes, it happened to me in the first try when I pumped quite a bit). This is similar to the other hair serums I use on and off- Kerastase Elixir Ultime and Redken's All Soft Argan-6 Oil. The Davines serum, however is lighter in consistency as opposed to the slightly thicker version noticed in Kerastase and Redken.

Overall, I love this hair pampering range. Previously, I blogged about my favorite Davines shampoo that has similar properties in terms of hydrating the hair. While that is great and helps, if you want double the protection try the Glorifying range. It won't disappoint.

What are the hair care products you swear by?

Davines is available at selected stockists in the UAE. Call Davines on 04-447 7636 to make a purchase.

*The product was sent by the brand/ its reps for a review. All reviews are based on my personal experience & outcome thereby presenting an honest opinion to the readers.

Mariam Mukhtar said...

I loved you the way have given detailed over view of each n every product..As women's beauty lies alot in her hair..definately would love to try it out..yes sun is the most worst factor of my hair damaged, sometimes i feel my hair colour is also lost..its good to know that this hair range will take care of it... Thanks for the review :)

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