Calvin Klein: Downtown Fragrance

Thursday, October 3, 2013

You know what my favorite fragrance from Calvin Klein is? Beauty. I discovered it while I was shopping at Galeries Lafayette in Dubai Mall when the sales associate handed me a scented paper strip. She told me it was "a new perfume from Calvin Klein". My first instinct was to get a whiff of it, nod my head, smile and walk away. But I actually fell in love with the fragrance.

I;ve always been a perfume maniac. I have a full drawer in my 5 chest of drawers that is dedicated to my perfume purchases. I spend more on perfume, sunglasses, watches, shoes and bags than on clothes. That's why none of my friends can gift me perfumes. Because I almost immediately buy them when launched.

When the Calvin Klein's latest, Downtown arrived on my desk, I was excited (thanks to the PR of Calvin Klein for this!). The perfume comes in a striking pink box and is a blend of floral and woody notes. Bergamot, pink peppercorn and velvet musks are a few ingredients that make up this fragrance.

It's a wonderful perfume and definitely one for the evenings. The initial spritz smells to a bit too sweet however, it eventually settles down and develops into a subtle floral fragrance that has dashes of musk to it.

If you like floral perfumes (this reminded me a little of Kylie Minogue's perfume Showtime ), you should definitely give this a go.

One thing though- I didn't like the shape or look of the bottle. Calvin Klein has some great designs when it comes to their bottles (think Beauty, CK One Summer, Euphoria) so I was expecting something along those lines with this. This is hardly a drawback, because what counts is the fragrance which isn't a disappointment.

Calvin Klein Downtown is available across stores in the UAE.

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