Review: Asha's Restaurant at Wafi Mall, Dubai

Monday, July 1, 2013

[*Although I took pictures of the dishes we ordered, my camera decided to corrupt all images for no reason]

The thing that I love about Indian food is the desserts. Really. I have a sweet tooth and I'm not afraid to use it! No matter how much  you try to replicate and perfect the desserts at home (been there, done that, disappointed by the results), it's never going to be the same.

So when I got the chance to pay a visit to Asha's Restaurant, my mind immediately went into desserts-mode. I also kept in mind a few dishes my cousin told me to try. She has frequented the place several times and is in awe of the food, so my first visit to the place was full of high expectations.

The branch I visited is located in The Pyramids, Wafi Mall. Asha's Restaurant that specializes in Indian cuisine is the baby of the legendary Indian singer Asha Bhonsle. There's valet parking, so you won't lose your appetite searching for a parking space.

My mum & I were seated at our table and the waiter promptly served us Poppadum with a variety of dips and sauces. This is the second time I'm having this and it was a delight to munch on while browsing through the menu. It was difficult to decide what we wanted as all the dishes described on the menu sounded delicious; you are spoilt for choice, really (and yes, I immediately skipped to the dessert section before looking at anything else). The waiter suggested a few dishes after asking our preferences. We delved right into the main course (because I was really hungry) and finally placed our order while I sipped on a refreshingly soothing Saffron & Pistachio Lassie. A lassie is a drink that includes blended yogurt with additional ingredients, in my case- saffron and pistachio. It tasted so good!

Our order took a maximum 15 minutes to arrive; my mum ordered the Seafood Platter consisting of half a Tandoori Lobster, Hammour Tikka and King Prawns marinated in yogurt, cream and green cardamom among other things. And because I'm such a huge fan of chicken, I ordered the Specialty Platter that comprised of Chicken Tikka, minced Lamb Kebab and Chicken Malai Kebab. My mum loved what she ordered and found it to be well cooked and the prawns were delicious. I was absolutely thrilled with my dish- the Chicken Tikka and Chicken Malai Kebab were the highlight; they were packed with flavors that took my taste buds for a ride (in a good way) and the kebabs were tender and cooked to perfection.

We also ordered what my cousin recommended, the Murg Biryani Awadh. A spoonful of this aromatic rice-based dish in my mouth made me realize why it was my cousin's favorite. The tender boneless chicken, the fragrant rice, the layers of flavors, the blend of spices...all of it made this dish an exceptionally sumptuous feast fit for the royals. I've had Biryani before and I usually avoid it because I find it too 'heavy' (eat one plate during lunch and you don't need to eat dinner the same day) but I could eat the Murg Biryani Awadh without complaining. Score! You must try this when you are at Asha's.

The moment I was waiting for finally arrived- dessert time! Once again, I couldn't make up my mind. How can you select between a Pistachio Kesar Kulfi (ice-cream with pistachios and saffron), Mango Parfait, a carrot based dessert called Gajar Ka Halwa, a rich Chocolate Mousse Cake...the list goes on. I did settle on something that has become a favorite of late- the Ras Malai, a dessert served with cold milk, pistachio, cardamom. After having this, I was tempted to order another one but then realized I'm running out of space in my stomach.

A meal for two costs about AED 450 (excluding other charges such as service). The platters we ordered are perfect for sharing with friends/family. The restaurant also caters to the vegetarians (my cousin isn't a vegetarian but recommends Dal Makhani and Malai Kofta) and you can specify if you want your order spicy or otherwise. The staff are really helpful with their recommendations and are quite attentive.

The experience at Asha's Restaurant really met my expectations and I recommend you to visit this at least once. I'm sure you will go back for more; I've already planned my mum's birthday (in a few days) there!

Have you been to Asha's? What's your favorite dish? Tell me about it in the comments section!

Ella said...

Sounds like a delight. The Murg Biryani Awadh. sounds heavenly. I must get my taste buds on this

Rohana said...

if you loved the biiryani try the lamb curry next time. very well made.

Kriti said...

They have a desserts platter. Did you try that ??

Neelofer said...

What?! No! I didn't see it on the menu else I would've ordered. :(

Anonymous said...

I love BBQ and would love to try this Speciality Platter.Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.

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