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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I love Lush for a number of reasons- natural ingredients, preservative free products, amazing results on the skin (you must try their face masks; my favorite is the Catastrophe Cosmetic) and they don't test products on animals. They have so many fun products especially for occasions.

In a bid to raise more awareness about their fight against animal testing in the cosmetics universe, Lush is hosting an event at their Dubai Mall branch on July 6th, from 2pm-10pm. It's to set a world record for the most lip prints collected and you can be a part of it!

But before that, you will be given a chance to prep your lips in-store with their famous lip scrubs made of castor sugar and jojoba oil, followed by moisturizing lip balms (choose from 4 different flavors- my favorite is Whipstick, a combination of chocolate and orange). You can then apply cruelty-free color on the lips from the Emotional Brilliance Range and then leave your lip print. You will soon be part of a world record!

I've tried the Mint Julips lip scrub. It has a mint chocolate fragrance so I make excuses to use it every now and then.

The lip scrub contains peppermint oil, castor sugar and jojoba oil and scrubs away dead cells to reveal smoother and softer lips ready for lipstick/gloss.

 And if a few bits of the scrub get into your mouth, don't worry- it is edible. I love this scrub! I've been using it everyday.

The Emotional Brilliance liquid lipstick in Passionate is one great way to seal the exfoliated lips with color. Passionate is a two toned pink-purple lip color containing moisturizing agents such as jojoba oil (this ingredient seems like a Lush favorite).

This color is for those who can pull off a vibrant/bright pout. It is quite pigmented so you won't need to re-apply much throughout the day. There are more colors to choose from so head down to Lush at Dubai Mall and make a difference!

While you are there, check out some of my favorites: Willow Pattern Soap, Catastophe Cosmetic, Ro's Argan Body Conditioner and Oatfix. Have fun!

Rahma said...

I LOVE LUSH !! I will be there on saturday :)))

Saima Abbas said...

How much are they for???

Saima Abbas said...

How much are they for???

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