Quick Beauty: Applying Eye Cream The Right Way

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm not going to repeat what everyone already knows about the eyes (eye area is delicate, use your ring finger to apply cream/concealer, use a gentle eye make-up remover for the eyes etc etc etc). But what I am going to tell you is something many aren't aware of.

How do you apply your eye cream? Do you apply it on the dark circles/eye bags and massage the cream/eye gel in? That's the wrong way. What you are doing is dragging the eye area by rubbing it under the pretense of massaging in the cream. It doesn't matter how gentle you are when it comes to the eye area or what instructions are provided; eye creams are not meant to be rubbed in/massaged on eye bags.

The correct way to use an eye cream is to apply the cream/gel in tapping motions to the eye contour area and not directly on the area under the eyes. This is the most effective way. You can also create a full circle by tapping the eye cream a little below the brow bone.

In general, when you apply cream right under the eyes, the surrounding skin pulls up the cream and that's why at times you may wake up with swollen eye lids. Most likely the cream gets into your eyes and the reaction to that is witnessed in the morning. So, when you apply to the eye contour, the cream reaches the right area instead of seeping into your eyes.

Remember this when you reach out for your eye cream next time. I learnt this at the Clarins Boutique when I went to get an eye cream.

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