Calvin Klein: CK One Summer Fragrance

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The CK One Summer is one of those fragrances that make you think of yachts and maxi dresses. This limited edition refreshing fragrance comes in an ocean blue colored bottle that has the droplets of water effect  on it.

Calvin Klein's CK One Summer boasts of zesty citrus and watermelon, followed by water lily, cucumber, watermint (sounds like a summer drink, right?). There's also a hint of musk and moss.

It's such an amazing fragrance that I use during the day (and sometimes in the evening). I love the droplets effect on the bottle, so summer. I prefer using this mostly during the day because it's not overwhelming and doesn't scream that you've got perfume on. Makes an ideal gift too.

*The product was sent by the brand/ its reps for a review. All reviews are based on my personal experience & outcome thereby presenting an honest opinion to the readers.

prettyinthedesert said...

I love this one. It's so light and it makes you smell really 'clean'. I use it a lot after the gym or roller derby practice and it seems to work really well at making me smell like I've taken a shower hehe

Neelofer said...

I would carry this in my bag, but you know- my handbag is like a water well. I can never find stuff when I want unless I empty half the contents of the bag.

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