Crazy Nail Polishes of 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's a given that I'm a fan of nail polishes. One look at my Instagram or my nail polishes collection is proof enough to deem me as a crazy nail polish girl (I need to stop buying them!). So, this week I realized a couple of brands and their crazy (in a good way) polishes.

Orly has launched a Shade Shifter Gel polish. What's that you ask?

Don't roll your eyes yet after reading the word 'gel'. This polish changes colors (goes from light to dark or vice versa) based on temperature! It's like those crackle nail polishes which would give you that croc effect. Crazy, huh?

Calvin Klein is launching a nailpolish collection (well, 2 colors) entitled CK One. Yep, CK's trademark fresh fragrances are making their way onto our nails!

The 2 nail polishes are scented too. I'm not sure how I feel about scented polishes, I've never owned any. I'm looking forward to that blue shade!

Ciate has launched their Chalkboard Collection. Think of it as drawing on the chalkboard...just that the board is now your nails.

The base coat is a matte black color (just like the color of a chalkboard). You get 4 liquid pens within the kit to create different designs on your nails. Seal it with a top coat. If you don't like your drawing, wipe it away with water and start over.

And then you have YSL with their Tie Dye Nail Polish collection. These are just weird. You can get 3 different finishes from one bottle alone.

From bottom to top, the texture is that of glitter, solid color and clear coat. I really don't understand how that will work because when you dip the brush for glitter manicure only, it is obviously going to come in contact with the other two layers, right? I told ya- crazy polishes!

I have to give it to these brands, though. They are coming up with unique least, it did capture my attention.

Have you come across other crazy polishes?

Saima Abbas said...

Wow never knew that ther existed sch crazy nail varnishes ...well therz a breathable nail varnish (sounds crazy,right?) available at Inglot ... It's an halal one best for Muslim girls as they can offer prayers wearing em on... Isn't that cool;)
Accept my Instagram request of princess1424:) n follow me back ... Can know each other more❤

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