April Beauty Bliss

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Since the summer season has dawned upon Dubai (I still like the temperamental weather- yay!), I thought I'd put together a summer edition of this month's Beauty Bliss!

Almost everyone I know has been making rounds of the beach in order to acquire that sun-kissed tan or getting their hair colored. If you are one of those that avoid the sun but still want a golden hue on your skin, then you will want to check out Bourjois's latest Summer on the Riviera- a collection of bronzing products.

From a BB cream designed specifically to give you that 'I've been on the beach all day' look to a bronzing powder...Bourjois has you covered this summer.

Next up is Calvin Klein's new fragrance- CK One Summer. The color of the bottle reminds me of the ocean!

 The new offering is a burst of citrus, watermelon , cucumber, water lily and musk. Ah, just what you need for this season! Read my full review here.

While this may not really be a summer element, we all know you have to keep your teeth clean especially once you consume those cold fruit juices (or coffee for that matter). My mom drilled it into my head a long time ago- when you drink these fluids, your teeth become prone to acid wear i.e. the enamel of your teeth is worn out due to staining (if you happen to see a slight grey-ish tinge on the bottom of your teeth, that's acid wear).

Luckily, Pronamel Extra Freshness helps you combat this problem by protecting your teeth. Pronamel will also choose one lucky winner to be their new ambassador and wear the Pronamel Diva crown this month. Hello amazing teeth!

And since many people (me included) will be spending their summer time indoors, drop by KCal Healthy Fastfood at Dubai Mall.

Everything on KCal's menu is under 300 calories. They have pasta-free lasagna, chocolate cakes, salads, smoothies, wraps and lots more.

Here's to a fun summer- don't forget to apply sunscreen!

Saima Abbas said...

Will defo try out d bronzer.. I jus lov to try diff bronzers...n ck is already one of my fav perfume brand .. So this summer yay m gonna welcome a new flavour(excited) n last but not the least I wannnnnna thank u to show me sch a better place for my cravings... Less than 300 cal pastas lasagnaz yayyyy happy me!!!! Thanks huni..

Ur doin a good job wish u more luck to hit success over ur blog n in life EnShaAllah!

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