Fun Nail Art With Bourjois's South Beach Souvenir's Collection

Monday, April 29, 2013

As you may already know, I love nail polishes and nail art. Scroll through my Instagram or Pinterest account or even Facebook and you'll go, "This nail obsession is a bit too much". Hey- while I appreciate solid nail colors, of late I have developed a liking towards unique designs on nails. You can check my very first DIY polka dots nail art or my Batman nails. The first manicure is not perfect because I didn't have access to a dotting tool (I used a toothpick!).

While we are on the topic of dotting tools and nail designs, let me take this opportunity to tell you why I'm so excited about Bourjois's latest collection.

Inspired by Miami, the South Beach Souvenirs Collection feature vibrant colors when it comes to polishes and lip glosses. And not only that, they have their own caviar version known as Toppings and a dotting tool! I don't have to use the end of a needle or a hair pin to create polka dots on my nails!

Remember the caviar nails craze? Bourjois has them in three different shades.I think the blue and purple versions are going to look so gorgeous on a lighter base (pastels or even mint)!

And here are a few ideas with the dotting tool! Don't you LOVE the color of the base? It's an amazing deep red. (Click on the pics to view a bigger version)

Can't wait to try the leopard print version out. Apart from a nail art obsession, I also am obsessed with the leopard print- just ask my friends or mom!

Get It For Less: Printed Pants

Thursday, April 25, 2013

No doubt Banana Republic churns out one good collection after the other. Don't believe me? See their Mad Men inspired Spring/Summer collection here or their Holiday collection or the Spring/Summer line from last year.

I love how the tops are always crisp and the blazers are always trendy. If you are looking to revamp your wardrobe, you must head to Banana Republic in Dubai because they are having a sale!

And this month's edition of 'Get It For Less' is printed pants. I spotted the Banana Republic Hampton pants and it reminded me of how similar it is to DvF's skinny denims.

The Hampton pants from Banana Republic retail at AED 350 whereas the DVF denims are at AED 560. And on that note, The Outnet is having a markdown too and the DVF denims are part of that. I've already got items in my shopping cart!

In case you are wondering how you can style those Hampton pants, here's your outfit idea.

Happy shopping, y'all!

Competition: Benefit Cosmetics

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Updated: Winners for the competition are-

1st prize: Roxanne Maximille Gahol
2nd, 3rd, 4th prizes: Nagham Akileh, Nida Moughal, Namita V Suri

Please send me a Facebook message stating your delivery address. Thanks to everyone who participated!


Benefit Cosmetics is one of my favorite makeup brands. Apart from their fun packaging, their products are amazing! My favorite products (you must try them!) are Benetint, Hello Flawless foundation and Fine One One. I've also reviewed other products- Porefessional, Bella Bamba and their latest launch Fake Up.

And because I LOVE it so much, I've partnered with the awesome people at Benefit Cosmetics to give away amazing goodies!

There will be 5 winners in total from Twitter and Facebook.

1st prize: A hamper of Porefessional, Sugarlicious and They're Real
2nd, 3rd and 4th prizes: Goodie bag of Porefessional and They're Real

Here's how to enter:

1) Like my Facebook page
2) Follow on Twitter here and here
3) Post your answer to this question in the comments section below:  When you were in school, what was your biggest make-up faux pas?
4) Mention your Facebook and Twitter name along with your comment/answer
5) Tweet the following through your Twitter account:  I entered @KeepingUpWithN's competition to win makeup from Benefit Cosmetics

You must follow all the steps to be eligible to win.

Competition open to UAE residents only. Good luck!

Crazy Nail Polishes of 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's a given that I'm a fan of nail polishes. One look at my Instagram or my nail polishes collection is proof enough to deem me as a crazy nail polish girl (I need to stop buying them!). So, this week I realized a couple of brands and their crazy (in a good way) polishes.

Orly has launched a Shade Shifter Gel polish. What's that you ask?

Don't roll your eyes yet after reading the word 'gel'. This polish changes colors (goes from light to dark or vice versa) based on temperature! It's like those crackle nail polishes which would give you that croc effect. Crazy, huh?

Calvin Klein is launching a nailpolish collection (well, 2 colors) entitled CK One. Yep, CK's trademark fresh fragrances are making their way onto our nails!

The 2 nail polishes are scented too. I'm not sure how I feel about scented polishes, I've never owned any. I'm looking forward to that blue shade!

Ciate has launched their Chalkboard Collection. Think of it as drawing on the chalkboard...just that the board is now your nails.

The base coat is a matte black color (just like the color of a chalkboard). You get 4 liquid pens within the kit to create different designs on your nails. Seal it with a top coat. If you don't like your drawing, wipe it away with water and start over.

And then you have YSL with their Tie Dye Nail Polish collection. These are just weird. You can get 3 different finishes from one bottle alone.

From bottom to top, the texture is that of glitter, solid color and clear coat. I really don't understand how that will work because when you dip the brush for glitter manicure only, it is obviously going to come in contact with the other two layers, right? I told ya- crazy polishes!

I have to give it to these brands, though. They are coming up with unique least, it did capture my attention.

Have you come across other crazy polishes?

April Beauty Bliss

Since the summer season has dawned upon Dubai (I still like the temperamental weather- yay!), I thought I'd put together a summer edition of this month's Beauty Bliss!

Almost everyone I know has been making rounds of the beach in order to acquire that sun-kissed tan or getting their hair colored. If you are one of those that avoid the sun but still want a golden hue on your skin, then you will want to check out Bourjois's latest Summer on the Riviera- a collection of bronzing products.

From a BB cream designed specifically to give you that 'I've been on the beach all day' look to a bronzing powder...Bourjois has you covered this summer.

Next up is Calvin Klein's new fragrance- CK One Summer. The color of the bottle reminds me of the ocean!

 The new offering is a burst of citrus, watermelon , cucumber, water lily and musk. Ah, just what you need for this season! Read my full review here.

While this may not really be a summer element, we all know you have to keep your teeth clean especially once you consume those cold fruit juices (or coffee for that matter). My mom drilled it into my head a long time ago- when you drink these fluids, your teeth become prone to acid wear i.e. the enamel of your teeth is worn out due to staining (if you happen to see a slight grey-ish tinge on the bottom of your teeth, that's acid wear).

Luckily, Pronamel Extra Freshness helps you combat this problem by protecting your teeth. Pronamel will also choose one lucky winner to be their new ambassador and wear the Pronamel Diva crown this month. Hello amazing teeth!

And since many people (me included) will be spending their summer time indoors, drop by KCal Healthy Fastfood at Dubai Mall.

Everything on KCal's menu is under 300 calories. They have pasta-free lasagna, chocolate cakes, salads, smoothies, wraps and lots more.

Here's to a fun summer- don't forget to apply sunscreen!

A Fashion & Beauty Festival

Friday, April 12, 2013

America's grand fashion magazine, the famous Vogue is hosting their second Vogue Festival this year. After the roaring success of the first festival, they decided to bring it back in full swing.

 What is the Vogue Festival? It's 2 day festival in London taking place in the last week of April this year. The festival features designers, luxury fashion and beauty brands, celebrities and fashion editors, workshops, makeovers, discussion panels and other activities all under one roof.  It's like the Comic Con of the fashion and beauty world, y'all!

 This year's festival features Victoria Beckham, Donatello Versace, Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood to name a few. There's also Dior, YSL (or SL, I will continue to call it YSL) and Vogue's own braid bars to give you makeovers reflecting this season's trends.

 Sounds like fun! Surely, we can have something of this caliber in Dubai? Considering the city is fashion forward, I can see a Dubai edition of the Vogue festival (or even Fashion's Night Out) becoming the talk of the town.

Pretty With Max Factor

Sunday, April 7, 2013

This is the first time I use Max Factor products and I must say I'm impressed with all that I tried. The brand itself is over a 100 years old and from the region, makeup artist and TV personality Joelle Mardinian often uses Max Factor.

One product in particular though, has become my favorite. It's Max Factor's latest foundation entitled Facefinity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation. This foundation is AMAZING!

Foundations have a difficult time winning me over because of a number of a reasons and when I find a foundation that works, that's when I use the word 'amazing'. Amazing also means I will blab a lot about the product to everyone I know. Because every girl deserves to know about stuff that works and doesn't work, right? Right.

Facefinity, a liquid foundation combines three makeup products in one bottle- primer, concealer and SPF/ sunscreen. When I was told this foundation conceals unwanted blemishes and similar, I rolled my eyes. I'm a bit skeptical when any skincare/beauty product claims it has concealing powers unless it's a concealer. With this foundation however, I don't need to reach out for a concealer. It really covers minor blemishes and is also helpful in fading away under eye circles (yes, you can use it to cover those pesky eye bags).

Upon application, Facefinity smoothes your face just like a primer would and evens out your skin tone to give you a truly flawless finish. I can't believe how much I love this foundation. Almost sounds like a BB cream, right? The foundation is light-weight and does an excellent job of lasting for more than 8 hours.

Blended version

I end up with a slightly dewy to matte finish which I absolutely LOVE. I use less than half a pump and blend with my fingers.

You know those days when you hit the alarm to snooze several times and then when your eyes finally open you realize you're an hour late to work? Story of my life. That's when a beauty rescue product like Facefinity comes handy. You can skip the primer, concealer and sunscreen because one bottle contains everything you need. You have to try it yourself to see the results- it will leave you impressed and you'll probably end up taking one home.

On to the next one- the Flipstick. It's the first 2-lipsticks-in-1 combination designed to give you a two toned effect which is on trend for this season.

One side of the Flipstick is a solid color and the other is more like a shimmery version.

I've seen two-toned lips in almost every single magazine and on catwalks (even Sephora wouldn't stop posting pictures about it).

You can easily achieve these looks by using Flipstick in Boreal Mauve and Gipsy Red.

If you aren't bold enough when it comes this trend, you have the option of not going for the two-toned version. Instead you can create a bright lip- also one of this season's trends.

Say hello to different looks with just one Flipstick! It is available in 6 different shades. The shade I have is Boreal Mauve and it's great for a pop of color.

I only use the solid color, though. Perhaps I'll become a little more adventurous this year and try the two toned look.

The 2000 Calorie Mascara comes in 3 different versions. I have the one with the curved brush for volume and curl.

I felt this mascara is more suitable for giving lashes the length as opposed to thickness/volume (at least, this was the case with me). It definitely separates each lash whilst coating them with the formula. The result is clump-free longer looking lashes. If you are a fan of natural looking lashes, then this mascara is for you.

Glossfinity is the latest in Max Factor's range of nail polishes. They are the glossiest polishes you will ever get and boast of a rich pigment.

Available in a variety of shades from vibrant coral to metallic gold, they last for days without chipping. I tried a shade called Red Passion which is a fire-engine red (it looks lighter in the pic because of natural lighting). Hello glamorous nails!

Thank you to the Max Factor team for introducing me to the world of MF!

All products are available across stores in UAE. Have you tried any of these?

*The product was sent by the brand for a review. All reviews are based on my personal experience & outcome thereby presenting an honest opinion to the readers.

Benefit Cosmetics Launches Fake Up in Dubai

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Benefit Cosmetics always host fun events. They are one of my favorite makeup brands and recently launched their first hydrating concealer called Fake Up in sunny Dubai.

The launch event hosted at the luxurious Zabeel Saray Hotel was just amazing! The venue was set-up to look like a crime had been committed and we were all invited to solve the case (no, don't worry- there were no mangled bodies or blood splattered on the ground). 

The highlight of the event was meeting Maggie and Annie. They are the daughters of the founders of Benefit Cosmetics; the girls now manage the business. 

They are completely down to earth and extremely friendly, not to mention how cute, tall and pretty they are. 

So this is where it all started- the table full of Fake Up and clues. 

There were also magnifying glasses at our disposal. Why? So you can get a better view of what Fake Up actually does to your under eye circles. 

And now more about what I think about Fake Up. Is it a wow product? Does it live up to what it claims? Is this another amazing product from Benefit? 

At first I thought it was just another concealer. However, I was proved wrong when I tried it myself.  

Fake Up is a moisture infused concealer that is available in 3 different shades- Light, Medium and Deep. It also has crease control properties and when applied, it conceals dark circles and hydrates the under eye area with Vitamin E and apple seed extract. 

Fake Up comes in Benefit Cosmetics' traditional fun packaging. It's also light weight and can be used to touch-up any time, anywhere (although you wouldn't  need to). 

See the white ring around the concealer? That's the hydrating ring. You apply Fake Up directly on the under eye circles and either use a brush or your ring finger to blend. 

The concealer does its job wonderfully. I can confirm it moisturizes the eye area and does not cake up after a few hours (I hate it when concealers or foundations do that!). It keeps everything in place. At times, I set the concealer with a little powder. One thing though, is the fact that it is a bit sheer upon the first application. You can apply multiple strokes in order to achieve the desired coverage.  

The thing I love about Fake Up is the fact that it keeps the eye area hydrated for hours. You can actually see the effect of the hydration ring- from the moment you apply the concealer in the morning (8 AM) to the time you return home (6 PM), the eye area looks and feels moisturized. 

So there you have it! Fake Up is available across stores in the UAE. Don't forget to tell me what you think about it! 

Thank you Janine, team Benefit Cosmetics Dubai, Maggie and Annie for a wonderful event! Here's to more innovative and fun products. 

Competition: Bourjois Mini Nail Polishes

Friday, April 5, 2013

Update: The winners for the competition are listed below. You will soon receive a message stating how to claim your prize.

Hana Mohammed
Dounia Taha
Leo Rosales
Sana Pervaiz
Abi Bautista
Aseel Murad


Bourjois is celebrating its 150th birthday and they're giving you the gifts! I loved the Mini Nail Polishes and now you have the chance to win them.

Each of the 6 winners will take home 3 of the mini polishes. Here's how to enter:

1) Like my Facebook page  
2) Follow on Twitter here and here
3) Comment below  stating why you want to win.
4) Mention your name (as it is on your Facebook profile) with the comment

Competition open to UAE residents only. Winners announced in a week's time; those who follow the aforementioned steps are eligible to win. Good luck!

The Nail File: UNE Nail Polish

Thursday, April 4, 2013

While I'm a fan of dark colored polishes, from time to time I like to try colors that are the opposite and still manage to look fab on the nails.

UNE is a brand that specializes in natural beauty products. I really like the Frosty Eye Shadow (review here) and looks brilliant even if you apply it as a highlighter on the brow bone. UNE launched their first nail polish collection that boasts of a 3 in 1 formula- base, color and shine. Unlike others, the 8 color polish range has a high percentage of natural ingredients. Hurray for healthy nails!

I loved all the colors from the range but picked this one:

I tried the C05; although it is defined as a blush red color, I say it's more of a subtle red going into a dusty pink to peach. Fun color for summer!

With flash
Without flash

The drying time of the polish is quick and I didn't witness any chipping for 5 days straight. This has my seal of approval.

You must check out the other colors- there's a bright blue and khaki, both of which are on trend this season!

*The product was sent by the brand for a review. All reviews are based on my personal experience & outcome thereby presenting an honest opinion to the readers.

The New Face of YSL?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My friend and I were yapping on BBM about how cold London is at the moment. And while I was lamenting about how I missed the Chocolate Festival, she decided to go, "You won't believe this" and appended a link. When I first read this, I thought it was a prank. No really.

YSL (fine, fine, I'll call it by the name they go with now- SL) has chosen goth rock star Marilyn Manson to be the face of the brand's new campaign.

This image is your first look at what could be the ad.

My jaw fell. Maybe it's just me but I think Marilyn and SL don't go hand in hand. I've always imagined SL to be everything but crazy, controversial rock 'n' roll lifestyle.

My friend was right. I can't believe this...

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