Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Blush

Saturday, March 9, 2013

I love blush- be it liquid, powder or cream based. Ever since I figured out how to apply blush properly, I went and brought a handful of them. A little color on the cheeks makes a huge difference. And when I received the Bourjois' Healthy Mix Blush, I went hurray!

It's looks coral in the pot but when you apply it on the cheeks, it's a blend of soft pink and coral. It's perfect for the summer season. You don't want your cheeks to scream out blush.

The picture unfortunately, didn't capture the color correctly (took this shot in bright daylight- looked fine on camera but once transferred, it appeared otherwise). On the left you can see the swatch and next to it is the blended version.

In terms of staying power, it is long lasting. Some blushes have a habit of fading away after a few hours of application but the Healthy Mix blush stays put and does give that lovely glow to the face. The color isn't too intense or too sheer. It may not show up on darker skin tones with one swirl.

And since it's palm sized, it fits into your handbag for those lazy mornings when you can't really be bothered to do anything with your face except for a pop of color on the cheeks.

Do you have a blush you swear by?

Eli Doinoff said...

I was very scared of blush until recently, but just like you - crazed out when I found out how to apply it :) This one looks gorgeous and should suit my pale skin well :) 10x!

Neelofer said...

It will look gorgeous on you :)

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