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Monday, March 11, 2013

You must know by now that Benefit Cosmetics is one of my favorite cosmetics brand. Any mention about Benefit and I'll join the conversation (that and gaming and watches- yes, I'm obsessed with watches).

I love Benefit's packaging and their products. The Benetint was the first product I ever purchased and it is my favorite to date. I appreciate the story behind each product and how they better your skin in an instant- if you want a flawless yet dewy complexion, try their amazing foundation Hello Flawless; if you want to sculpt your cheeks and make them pop with color, try the Bella Bamba Blush. And if you want instant sky high lashes (I'm not exaggerating), try They're Real. Although I have my favorite mascara (Giorgio Armani's Eyes To Kill Excess), They're Real are for those special occasions when you want everyone to stare at your eyes- they truly transform your lashes. I even had 2 of my friends become They're Real lovers after I kept blabbing about it.

Towards the end of December last year, I spotted the Fine One One and was blown away by what it was (who doesn't love fun beauty products?). I was told I had to wait another 3 months until it hit the Dubai shores. I'm impatient but managed to wait and wait (enter sarcastic remark about first world problems). And then out of the blue, one fine day the lovely people at Benefit Cosmetics Dubai sent me a pretty package. What was in it, you ask?

It felt like it was my birthday. I wanted to rip open the package but decided to behave like a lady.

The Fine One One comes in Benefit's trademark packaging- pretty and glossy in a box you wouldn't want to throw away. The packaging reflects the product's casing inside- rose gold.

Fine One One is a multi-functional product. It is a brightening lip and cheek trio designed to make you look pretty in a flash.

The three pigments play different roles- the pink champagne acts as a highlighter, the sheer watermelon is to give you a flush of color while the coral sculpts your cheeks.

It's fairly easy to apply- hold it against your cheek so the highlighter faces the top and swipe it upwards in one go. You'll see three different strokes of color once done.

Fine One One is cream based so once you apply it, blending is the way to go. You'll notice a beautiful watermelon-y coral-y finish. Say hello to Spring/Summer-ready cheeks. You can even apply multiple strokes to achieve the desired intensity. I reckon this would look fab when you wear those summer dresses with floral prints.

Swatch (no blending)- see the three colors? 
The blended version

Its staying power is perfect- it lasts for more than 6 hours without caking, smudging or fading (I have normal-to-dry skin). No touch-ups required either. Upon application however, I realized  the watermelon color is more prominent than the coral. For the lips, you obviously don't apply all 3. I haven't tried it yet and I doubt I will- this looks pretty enough for the cheeks.

It's a trusty makeup partner and will not let you down. Once again, I'm impressed by this offering. Try something new today and tell me what you think!

Fine One One is available in stores across the UAE.

*The product was sent by the brand/ its reps for a review. All reviews are based on my personal experience & outcome thereby presenting an honest opinion to the readers.

Eli Doinoff said...

The bag is adorable! I'm not quite sure about the product, though - it looks very sheer :(

Neelofer said...

You can build up the color by multiple strokes. Benefit mentions that in their how-to booklet as well :)

Megan Vining said...

I want this product SO bad! It seems like it would be perfect for those lazy days where you don't want to do too much, makeup wise.


P.s. I nominated you for the versatile blogger award on my blog!

Neelofer said...

You'll love it. I've been using this on a daily basis. The watermelon color is so so spring/summer.
Thank you for nominating me! :)

Faye - Boutique Bag Lady said...

Fine One One Looks wonderful on your skin.

Saima Abbas said...

Omg this is a must hav... Can't wait to get one... I think Benefit gonna empty my account lol xx

Nida Moughal said...

I so badly want to try it next time I come to Dubai I so am getting this.. or if my brother comes I will ask him to get me this. Great review =)

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