Reiss Launches Spring/Summer '13 Collection in Dubai

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

One word to describe the pieces of clothing I saw at Reiss's Spring/Summer '13 collection launch: 'gorgeous'. From long flowy dresses to jackets and peplums, the display had me making a mental wishlist of all the things I wanted.

Reiss took me and a handful of other bloggers on a yacht cruise to showcase the collection. I got to learn Reiss's history, some info on how Kate Middleton shops at Reiss (read on to find out!) and see firsthand the amazing pieces that exude opulence and bold fashion.  I've also been named as one of Reiss's brand ambassadors!

The Spring/Summer '13 collection boasts of colors and prints that are eye-catching and trendy, clean cuts and sheer fabrics.

The boxy jacket when paired with a floral skirt (think hydrangea, lotus and poppy prints) makes the entire outfit feminine yet bold. Don't you love the color of the jacket? It's bang-on for this season.

Reiss brings pastels back with this beautiful sheer top that is just about perfect for day or night. It's one of my favorite looks.

Subtle ruffles and intricate detailing make their mark on clean cut tops and dresses.

And here are the two dresses that caught my attention and are definitely making their way to my wardrobe. On the right is my first favorite- an absolutely beautiful piece known as 'Giselle' that is available in 2 colors: white with a black kaleidoscope print and a green to blue (not necessarily turquoise) version. This particular version you see is exclusive to the Middle East region while Europe and others have a shorter version. There are very few dresses that instantly make me go, "Yea, I'm buying that" and this was one of them.

On the left is Reiss's take on pleats and peplums (I love how this peplum version doesn't look like you've stuffed pillows around the waist/hips). Known as 'Semra' , it is a powder blue sleeveless dress. There was so much talk about how this is the perfect dress for the horse races this month- hello Best Dressed Woman?

Along with this came a new wave of accessories- from totes to oversized clutches and heels, Reiss has you covered for this season.

The Spring/Summer '13 collection is now available in all stores across the UAE. I've been informed though, that certain pieces (Giselle for example) are selling out quick.

And here's a little secret on the shopping habits of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Kate is known to wear quite a few Reiss pieces and her choices are incredible. She can make a dull grey look chic. Remember this picture? She's wearing a Reiss dress and everyone went crazy about it.

Here's what Reiss's brand manager, Alberta told me about how Kate shops at Reiss. When she picks up dresses or other pieces of clothing, she doesn't necessarily wear them in that season. That's why when she is spotted wearing one, people rush to the store(s) and aren't able to find it. Then based on demand, Reiss manufactures those pieces again but in limited quantity. I've been told Kate has recently picked up a yellow floral print dress that she has yet to wear. I'm guessing this will make an appearance after the baby has arrived so keep an eye out!

Thank you to the Reiss and Emirates Woman team for a wonderful event. It's one of the best I've attended. Now, I'm off to buy that Giselle dress.

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