Happy 150th Birthday, Bourjois

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bourjois, the French cosmetics brand turned 150 years old this year! Can you believe it? That's a long way to go and to celebrate, they launched a bunch of new products.

The new nail collection entitled 'Rendez vous a Paris' features the So Laque Glossy nail polishes and the Easy Nail Art Kit.

The nail polishes come in 8 pastel and vibrant shades and last up to 10 days. The 'Coton sur ton' is a gorgeous pale pink. It's great for those who aren't into bold colors.

The Easy Nail Art Kit makes nail art so much fun! It includes nail stickers, stencils and silver thread to make your talons stand out from the crowd.

The Mini Nail Enamel collection is my favorite! This is an exclusive collection of 15 new shades that are inspired by this season's trends and the brand's history. I love it when companies include a little something that is part of them. So, let me tell you why this collection is so much fun and interesting.

Each of the 15 polishes have a distinct color and a mention of a year on the bottle. What's the significance behind this?

It is because each color reflects a certain trend/story within the specified year. If you are like me i.e. love history then you will find this concept interesting. Take this color for example:

It is called Les Theatres and the date is 1863. Bourjois was born in the era of theatres and arts. But what connection does Les Theatres have with this? Well, for starters- the deep red was inspired by the stage curtains. And everyone knows how red is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamor.

My favorite color out of the whole pack? The 1928 Soir de Paris. I LOVE this color so much, I didn't want to take it off.

Similarly, in 2006 Bourjois launched their Clubbing Mascara. And to reflect this within the 2006 nail polish, they launched a metallic gold version (it's on trend too!). And to celebrate this year, Bourjois offers you a traditional pink mini.

There are so many gorgeous colors such as the 1995 Grain de beaute, a pale pink to lilac, the 1980 La Petite Boite Ronde, a deep blue polish that celebrates the trademark Little Round Pots eye shadows and blushes, the 2001 Coupe de theatres, an intense shimmering black.

They are so cute- they fit into your handbag and are ideal for instant color on the go. I'll be hosting a giveaway for these, so watch this space.

The 150th Anniversary collection is available across stores in the UAE.

Gemma T said...

Wow those mini polish bottles are just adorable!!! They're so amazing :D I love the blue shade :) such a cute blog xx
Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

Neelofer said...

Thank you :) You must try the blue- camera doesn't do much justice to the color.

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