Celebrating The UAE with It'Sugar

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I love chocolate. Who doesn't? Do you know what my favorite book was when I was a kid? Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I also loved Matila by the same author but let's leave that story for another day. When the book was adapted into a movie, I wished for such a chocolate factory but nothing happened. So much for believing in the tooth fairy!

The children of today, however don't have to look out for magical creatures with wings made out of crystal. In Dubai (and cities across the world) we have places like It'Sugar to satisfy those sweet cravings.

When I received the invite to the 'It'Sugar Celebrates The UAE' event, I was intrigued by what was mentioned- "...unveiling iconic UAE statuses covered in candy". I had no idea what this meant and all I kept thinking about was a model of the world's tallest tower made out of chocolate.

The big reveal took place at the event. It'Sugar selected three main icons that are part of UAE's tradition and covered them in candy, candy and more candy!

The traditional coffee pot covered in gummy bears!

 The gentle giant of the desert covered in all sorts of candy including the feet...

And the abra as well!

It wasn't only the icons covered in everything sweet but also Azza from It'Sugar who had a custom made abaya with candy over it (for those who aren't aware, an 'abaya' is a Muslim woman's robe-like clothing). I spot gummy bears, lollipops, Runts! How fun is that?

Apart from this, I spotted a few things that tickled my fancy.

Remember Nerds? If you don't, then...leave this planet, yo! These are Nerds wrist bands...

Skittles flavored candles...

And a fun way to express love- fill each letter with different kind of candy.

It was fun being there to witness tradition and candy being fused together. Half the candy from childhood like Nerds, Runts, Gobstopper and more are all available at It'Sugar. Nothing like bringing back the childhood memories. Who needs a tooth fairy now?

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