Fashion Trend: Galaxy Print

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This print, hands down is one beautiful print. I remember seeing the galaxy print on nails last year and was quite shocked that this nail art could be achieved at home- who knew something that looked so intricate was this easy to do?

Image credit: Symone Oei

Having said that, the galaxy print then rolled out on skirts and handbags. This year I saw a pair of galaxy leggings on fellow blogger, Luanne. Aren't they amazing?

I've always stayed away from prints when it comes to leggings, denims and similar. Prints on shirts is fine but I don't find prints on other clothing appealing. However, I think the milky way inspired trend might just change my mind.


Image credit: The Secret Avenue

Image credit: Scissors and Thread

LuAnne D said...

Thanks for the link up, I wish I could get galaxy print nails!

Neelofer said...

They look pretty amazing. Have you tried the DIY version?

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