Color Your Hair Without Hair Color

Sunday, October 21, 2012

It seems like an oxymoron but when I discovered this I wanted to drop everything I was doing and get the tips of my hair colored. I mean, if you can color your hair without the chemicals found in hair got a winner! Before Katy Perry made it made popular, I've always wanted to color my hair a cobalt blue but never got to it. I need a friend to color her hair in an awkward (hair) color so we can both be laughed at.

Image credit: Joanna G

Anyway, on to my discovery! So how do you do it without hair dye? One word: Chalk. Let me say that again- c.h.a.l.k. The same thing teachers used years ago to write on black boards in schools. How super is hair coloring with chalk? It is temporary- the color washes away once your hair comes in contact with water but this is just amazing.

Image credit: Joanna G

All you need is chalk and a little water. Wet the chalk a bit and rub it against your hair and voila! Colored tresses. Wait until your hair has dried and then you can show it off. The color doesn't show up that well on hair that has a darker pigment as opposed to lighter colored hair.   

More info on Joanna's blog. I can't wait to try this!

Emmy Lim said...

Hmm...this is interesting. By the way, is it safe for the hair?

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