Bobbi Brown's Matte Lipsticks

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm a HUGE fan of matte lipsticks. I love the matte versions of lip colors so much that I even transform the glossy lipsticks into matte (quite simple- just dust a little loose powder over it). So, when I heard about one of my favorite brands Bobbi Brown launching matte versions of lipsticks- I was beyond ecstatic! BUT the Creamy Matte Lip Colors will only be available in Dubai from November 2012. Boo :-(. Because I was excited, I rang up the Dubai Mall branch to find out the details.

I love Bobbi Brown! It is one brand that I would keep going back to again and again and again... I love their cream eye shadows- you MUST check out 'Black Pearl'. It is a deep purple with flecks of shimmer that looks gorgeous on the eyes (think of a purple smokey eye). Also check the Peony & Python Palette; it is filled with beautiful lilacs, violets, silver and black. Their moisture lipsticks are equally amazing and I am speechless when it comes to their blushes.

I cannot wait to get the matte lipsticks! I already have my favorites.

Weesha said...

Not that I need more lipsticks but yeah "drooools" I can't wait for these to get here!

Neelofer said...

The moment I read about it, I dialed the store. Was a bit bummed about having to wait until Nov. It launched this month in the US and I'm this close to ordering it online.

Ana R said...

I super love the shade! I love matte lipstick as well. I have never tried this brand before but now I am interested in trying it out. Hope that It does not dry my lips like what other brands do.

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