Got a (Bad) Habit?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How many times have you decided you will or will not do something and then failed at it? I have so many I'm not even going to list them. Breaking or creating a habit is a pain in the...neck. Smokers, procrastinators...the list can go on.

Enter my discovery- the Hipster Habit App. It's a fun 'app'.

The reason why I found it to be fun is because it's an offline 'app'. Let me explain. This particular 'app' fits in your pocket as opposed to a mobile device.

Yep- it's a printable 'app' that helps you achieve a habit or get rid of a bad one (at least that's the aim of it). You write down what you want to do and then follow the steps. There are different levels to reach- each bringing you closer to your goal. Fun!

I've jotted down 'Water' (as in 'drink more water') in my app since that option wasn't available. Just print it out from their website , fold into a booklet and get going!

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