DIY: Bare Nails and Polka Dots

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

So, I decided to emulate a nail art design from The Beauty Department. Here's their version and it isn't that difficult. You need the nail tools and patience (the latter which I don't have much of).

And here's my lame attempt. I don't have a white nail polish (the horror? I don't know) so I used the lightest color available. I don't have a dotting tool either (haven't seen one in Dubai) so I used a toothpick to achieve the polka dots.

It's quite simple to achieve this. It's like a French manicure with polka dots. All you have to do is paint the tips of your nails as in the French mani. Take a dotting tool or toothpick or whatever is easy for you and dot the first line followed by the second. You can seal it with a top coat although I didn't (no patience, remember?). You can try this with any color, not just light ones.
Amena H said...

Cute <3

Saima Abbas said...

Good job huny xx ❤❤❤

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