Chanel Taxis Give A Little Something For You

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Image source: Yahoo!

I absolutely love this! To celebrate Chanel's pop up store in Convent Garden, London- the brand has painted 25 cabs/taxis in colors that reflect their lipsticks and nail polish shades. If you are lucky enough to spot a Chanel cab, hail it and say the secret phrase, "Chanel at Convent Garden". In return, you get a voucher for either a complimentary makeover or a quick manicure and £25 to spend at Chanel's pop up store. Cool concept or what?

I wonder how many women are going to hail a cab without incident ;) If they only had this sort of thing while I was in London. I would've visited the pop up store with or without the cab because pop up stores always have something interesting and unique that, at times aren't available at the actual stores. 

Saima Abbas said...

Wowwwww I never knew that smthn lik this ever happens...this concept js makes women feel so happy,special,n top of the world. .. .I wish d stores here b this kind to us as well...xx love ur blog ...

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