Favorites From The Tory Burch Fall 2012

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I love this handbag from Tory Burch! Totally love the tortoise shell print but I hate the belt strap. I'm hoping there's an alternative strap hidden in the bag.

And then you have these awesome ones too. Love the white one!


Gorgeous Abayas by Roselle

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I love how local designers are putting a spin to traditional clothing and accessories. One such brand/ designers are Maha and Abeer of Roselle Couture.

They took the traditional abaya and turned it around in such a way that it will leave you wanting a couple of abayas from their collection. Well, at least that's what happened to me when I first saw this abaya.

Click to view image in original size

 It's my favorite out of all their designs and it's absolutely beautiful. Here's a close up of detailing:

Image credit: Latifa Shamsi

And here's my second favorite. They made a color such as grey look pretty with the lace detailing.

Click to view image in original size

And my third favorite. Color blocked abaya!

Click to view image in original size
Yes, I want all of these in my wardrobe. They'll look absolutely gorgeous with a statement necklace. This goes right on top of my wishlist.

My Favorites from Swarovski's Latest Collection

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I already have my favorites from Swarovski's Fall/Winter 2012/2013 collection. The collection is described as a combination of eastern and Shakespearean influences to create an avant-garde, rock artist look.

I love this ring (they also have earrings and a pendant of the same design). This reminded me of  House of Harlow's ring (which happens to be my favorite too!). But the Swarovski ring just went up the list.

Here's Swarovski's version of a statement necklace. 

Cuffs and more cuffs! The second one reminds me of ancient Egypt for some reason (think Pharaohs).

And finally my favorite rings. I feel both of them have a 'from the future' feel...something you would see in movies that are set in the future.

Got a (Bad) Habit?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How many times have you decided you will or will not do something and then failed at it? I have so many I'm not even going to list them. Breaking or creating a habit is a pain in the...neck. Smokers, procrastinators...the list can go on.

Enter my discovery- the Hipster Habit App. It's a fun 'app'.

The reason why I found it to be fun is because it's an offline 'app'. Let me explain. This particular 'app' fits in your pocket as opposed to a mobile device.

Yep- it's a printable 'app' that helps you achieve a habit or get rid of a bad one (at least that's the aim of it). You write down what you want to do and then follow the steps. There are different levels to reach- each bringing you closer to your goal. Fun!

I've jotted down 'Water' (as in 'drink more water') in my app since that option wasn't available. Just print it out from their website , fold into a booklet and get going!

Want: House of Harlow Accessories

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I love these accessories from House of Harlow (fell in love with them last year to be precise). Total wishlist items.

First the black and gold version was launched. Then an alternative in a combination of blue and green, which I love too! It also comes with a jumbo and medium sized ring. I promised myself to never buy any rings or accessories until Jan next year (only because I spent so much on accessories this year) but um...this is really pretty.

 And then the necklace. Love this piece and the design.

Collaboration: Michael Kors x Glamour Magazine

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Michael Kors and Glamour Magazine (US) have designed a limited edition clutch! This is a first i.e. a magazine collaborating with a fashion brand as opposed to the usual fashion brand x fashion brand/ designer  collaboration.


Nicknamed  'The Convertible Clutch', you can carry it in either of the two ways- as a bag or remove the chain strap and transform it into a clutch. The leather clutch is part of the Hamilton line. Head here to find more information about the leather clutch.

I wonder if any of the local magazines here in Dubai will follow in MK/Glamour mag's footsteps...

Review: More Mikyajy Goodies

Sunday, September 9, 2012

So Mikyajy sent over a load of goodies- I'm thinking their Eid gift came way too early :-). Here are the fun products to feast your eyes on.

First up is the Minx Picture Perfect powder foundation. The color turned out to be dark for me so I gave it to my cousin to try. The finish of this product is quite nice- it is matte and evens out your skin tone like liquid/ cream foundations do. Neither my mom nor I use powder foundations, so it was nice to see this version of foundations do a good job. The coverage is light to medium, so if you have any blemishes you will need a concealer. All in all, this product gives a smooth natural finish.

Next are the Minx Blind Date eye shadows.

Minx 01 Chocolate Cha Cha
Minx 06 Smoky Twist

I like the colors of the 01 Chocolate Cha Cha. Of late, several brands have launched their desert-esque color collection (including Illamasqua) that feature golden and brown tones within the make up line to reflect the sand, sunset etc witnessed (better) while in the desert. The 06 Smoky Twist is your faithful smokey eye palette.

To add more drama to your eyes, you have the 22k Stylish Eyeliner in 01 Night Fever.

22k Stylish Eyeliner

It glides on smooth and comes with an applicator/brush. It isn't waterproof and doesn't smudge or fade.

The Sabaya Caring range is designed specifically for sensitive eyes (I don't rub my eyes often as I don't have sensitive eyes). Mikyajy states that the ingredients used in this line are free of chemicals and won't irritate the eyes; I noticed one of the ingredients is Jojoba Oil (bonus!). The eyeliner and eye pencil glides on without an effort and there's no sign of smudging. It is quite dark and soft as are other Mikyajy pencils.

Sabaya Caring Eye Makeup
Sabaya Caring Mascara

 The mascara is more for lengthening than volumizing. I can see this mascara working well on women having thick lashes i.e. those who look for length than volume.

And finally you have the Cherry Blossom set.

Cherry Blossom set

 There's a shower gel, body lotion, body mist, body butter and a roll-on deo. This reminds me of The Body Shop's Japanese Cherry Blossom collection however, the fragrance of Mikyajy's line isn't that strong. It's subtle. So, if you have a sensitive nose or don't like strong fragrances then this will work for you.

Chanel Taxis Give A Little Something For You

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Image source: Yahoo!

I absolutely love this! To celebrate Chanel's pop up store in Convent Garden, London- the brand has painted 25 cabs/taxis in colors that reflect their lipsticks and nail polish shades. If you are lucky enough to spot a Chanel cab, hail it and say the secret phrase, "Chanel at Convent Garden". In return, you get a voucher for either a complimentary makeover or a quick manicure and £25 to spend at Chanel's pop up store. Cool concept or what?

I wonder how many women are going to hail a cab without incident ;) If they only had this sort of thing while I was in London. I would've visited the pop up store with or without the cab because pop up stores always have something interesting and unique that, at times aren't available at the actual stores. 


DIY: Bare Nails and Polka Dots

So, I decided to emulate a nail art design from The Beauty Department. Here's their version and it isn't that difficult. You need the nail tools and patience (the latter which I don't have much of).

And here's my lame attempt. I don't have a white nail polish (the horror? I don't know) so I used the lightest color available. I don't have a dotting tool either (haven't seen one in Dubai) so I used a toothpick to achieve the polka dots.

It's quite simple to achieve this. It's like a French manicure with polka dots. All you have to do is paint the tips of your nails as in the French mani. Take a dotting tool or toothpick or whatever is easy for you and dot the first line followed by the second. You can seal it with a top coat although I didn't (no patience, remember?). You can try this with any color, not just light ones.

Accessory of The Day

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Today's accessory is a huge lilac colored cocktail ring I ordered from one of my favorite UK online stores, Asos.com.

They've got an amazing and at times unique collection of accessories that you won't find here. Or in other words, you won't catch someone else wearing the same accessory as you!

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