Statement Necklaces: Shourouk

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I instantly fell in love with Shourouk necklaces. These are statement necklaces that are different from what you usually see. They have bursts of color, Swarovski stones and some quirky designs.

You can dress these up while wearing a plain top or T-shirt or a dress. Since the necklace is the center of attraction, think tops/ T-shirts/ dresses (or even tops with skirts) in pastel colors or basic tees such as black, white or grey. Let the necklace shine!

Shourouk is available in one my favorite boutiques- S*uce (Dubai Mall/The Village Mall, Jumeirah and Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi).

Similar to Shourouk are Dannijo, Mawi and a handful of other brands.






And here are a few shots of how people have styled their own Shourouk necklaces:

Image credit: Parade Blog

Image credit: Shourouk Craves and Sassiness

Image credit: On Brand Beyond Brand

Shopping Spottings

Friday, July 13, 2012

I finally got the chance to visit Dubai Mall yesterday since almost all the brands are having their sale season. But I ended up coming home empty handed as I found nothing that I liked. However, I did spot something quite interesting in the accessories section of two certain high street brands- jewelry inspired by designer brands.

First is H&M. Their accessories section as usual, was crowded and while quickly scan the area I spotted their version of the famous Cartier panther ring.

Cartier's Panther Ring

H&M's version of the ring

They also had a YSL arty ring inspired section.

YSL Arty Ring

Spotted at H&M

Turquoise galore

And so did Forever 21.

More turquoise!

I also spotted a House of Harlow inspired necklace at Forever 21.

House of Harlow necklaces

Forever 21's version of the necklaces

I noticed that Forever 21 brought in a lot of tribal inspired accessories collection this summer from bangles to necklaces to rings. If you're into such a print, you must check them out!

Louboutin x Walt Disney

Sunday, July 8, 2012

How many remember this scene from Walt Disney's Cinderella?

How about this one?

It's the scene where the Prince's men go around each house to see if a particular glass slipper fits.

When I first read that famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin was recreating Cinderella's glass slippers, I rolled my eyes. Really. I wasn't excited. It would just be another pair of shoes with red soles.

But I was gobsmacked when I saw the image of the actual shoes and just had to give my opinion about it. See for yourself!

The shoes are made out of sheer lace, Swarovski encrusted butterflies and more Swarovski crystals.  It's a little more on the bling side of the things (near the heels) but I admit- these shoes capture the essence of 'beautiful'...just like Cinderella. I love butterflies any way (see the image header at the starting of the blog? It has butterflies) so anything with butterflies is alluring to me.

Just a thought though- one would usually wear these type of shoes with an evening gown or wedding gown(?) which practically conceals your feet. So how are people going to see those gorgeous pair of heels?

All in all, I think these are a winning pair. Although I won't buy it right away (like I said, these shoes according to me should be saved for that one BIG event) I'm definitely going to go try them on. Christian Louboutin is available at Dubai Mall and I'm guessing these shoes will arrive sooner or later at the store if not available already.

Dear Men...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

So yesterday, I was at a friend's house for a mini get together. While in the midst of small talk (which I miserably fail at) one of my friend's friend decided jump in on the conversation I was having with another person. We were discussing watches, Microsoft's latest acquisition and eventually came down to PC gaming vs consoles. Since gaming is one of my favorites, I had a lot to say. I was interrupted by this person and he, quite skeptically asked me, "Oh, you play games? Which one?". He was so sure I'm not a gamer and possess zero knowledge on gaming. I mean, girls and PC games don't go together right? Wrong. Let me just say my 'a-slap-on-his-face' response to him ended with a "What games do you play? My Little Pony?"

It annoys me when people assume things just because I have mascara on my lashes and wear heels. I'm a gamer. I've been a gamer ever since I was little. My all time fav game is Warcraft followed by the Need for Speed series, Diablo 2 & 3, GTA, Quake series, Unreal Tournament, Halo, Devil May Cry series, the Tomb Raider series etc.  When I play, I play to win. I've been a GameSpot member ever since I can remember. I follow the E3 closely every year and attending the BlizzCon is on my wishlist. If you don't know what those are, Google it and gasp. I beat my brother and a male friend at a car racing game once. While playing a game, my heart beats louder when I come across an area that has a LOT of ammo available or when the lights in the frame begin to flicker.
I also love cars. I hate it when some girls say, "Oh, I love cars". Ask them which is their favorite and they respond, "Fast cars". Major facepalm. How about you talk horsepower, engine size, rims, miles et all and then I'll believe you're a fan of cars. Do you know what a run flat tire is? Yea, that's the kind of car talk I talk about. I'm not an an expert but I do know my car basics. I admit though, I do not know how to change a flat tire.

I'm a huge comic books geek. I love DC Comics' characters/superheroes more than Marvel Comics. I own two limited edition Marvel Comics books (the irony of it all) that I will never part with, ever. I love Batman and I think he's 10 times better than Iron Man (or any other superhero). If I had access to a comic books store in Dubai, you would definitely find me *living* in that place. Dubai needs a place like this- I'm not the only comics geek here. Sure, we have a Marvel Comics theme park due to open 2013, but a comics book store beats it- anytime, any day.

The Large Hadron Collider is something that piques my interest at all times. I read about CERN and their developments regularly, whether there's news or no news about the Higgs boson particle. I dislike the fact that I don't know people whom I can discuss/ share such info with and get their opinions on the same. I'm obsessed with ancient history. I study about relics, artifacts and historical monuments; they fascinate me to the core. I love the mountains and the surrounding areas more than beaches. In fact, I hate beaches. I love libraries. The bookstore at Dubai Mall is the closest I can get to doing something good with my time. I find a session at the Autodrome more exciting than a candlelight dinner. I'm a WWE fan and watched them live in Abu Dhabi (Raw World Tour). I think that The Rock is lame (save your argument for another day). I also feel that they should rethink about bringing that wrecking machine known as Brock Lesnar for Summer Slam- what, no other superstars available? I cannot stand movies that fall within the romantic genre. I find them boring and slow (yaaaawn- falls asleep)...did I mention boring? I will sprint out of the theater should I be forced to watch such. I hate 3D movies because I develop a headache 15mins into the first scene. I feel more for animals than I do for people. While watching a movie, I feel bad and at times cry when a horse goes through a bad time vs. the person who just fell off the horse and died. I love camping but am afraid of all the lurking bugs (yes, big scardy cat here). 
 I love to shop for watches and shoes more than clothes or makeup. I lament over a broken nail and love unconventional snow globes. I watch cartoons while having dinner and laugh till my stomach hurts while viewing The Big Bang Theory. I get awfully lazy at times and am scared to try a red lipstick (I'm pretty sure I can't carry it off). I have always wanted to color my hair a cobalt blue color. 

So, the next time you meet a girl with all the above interests- don't assume she knows nothing about video games. You'll get pwned. 

Movie Review: The Amazing Spiderman (2012)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hollywood never tires of superhero movie scripts. And neither do the audience. A superhero movie is somewhat of an escape from the standard movies, wouldn't you agree? You witness a normal person  being infused with super human strength; you experience his outrage or confusion at his new found powers, the pain on being an outcast and his journey towards being a hero among other things.

The Amazing Spider is a combination of that and more. It’s a well scripted reboot of Sam Raimi’s previous installments of the webbed super hero. And what a refreshing reboot it is. The movie takes you through an introspective journey of the origins of Spiderman.  

Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield, The Social Network) is an introvert high school kid that gets bullied, is excellent at academics and has developed a liking for fellow student Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone, Friends with Benefits). He lives with his aunt May (Sally Field, Legally Blonde 2) and uncle Ben (Martin Sheen, The Departed) after his parents ‘abandoned’ him.  Parker soon discovers his father worked with a scientist Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans, The Five Year Engagement) on cell and tissue regeneration with the help of a cross-species based serum that regenerates missing limbs without the aid of surgery or prosthetics.  Soon enough, Parker gets bitten by an altered spider and hence begins his adventures as Spiderman including battling the now mentally unstable Dr. Connors aka The Lizard. 

 The movie takes you through an exciting and organized excursion into the life of Parker- from his relationship with his uncle and aunt, his aloof behavior when he’s talking to Gwen (because he’s shy and nervous around her initially), his interest in helping Dr. Connors which he later regrets, to his journey of donning that well known red suit. The director Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) and scriptwriters James Vanderbilt, Alvin Sargent and Steve Kloves have ensured there’s a smooth flow when it comes to the process of story-telling.  Each scene seamlessly ties in with the subsequent scene not to mention the lightning bolts of comedy the characters especially that of Parker’s deliver.  The movie is a more of an intimate perspective as opposed to several action scenes that would appear at short intervals in any superhero movie.  After all, Webb and his team have carefully crafted a movie that delves deep into the roots of why Parker is what he is and where he plans to go from that pedestal of crime-fighting. Some parts of the movie however, were a bit too slow- it felt like the movie kept telling the story in slow-mo.  

 Andrew Garfield as the protagonist is loveable and a lot of people can relate to Parker’s demeanor. Even with his superpowers, his self-esteem doesn’t change completely. The mask of Spiderman (and costume) is what gives Parker that psychological boost in terms of confidence as depicted in one of the scenes where he saves a kid from falling to his death.  Emma Stone captured Gwen Stacy well enough and so did Sally Field as the concerned aunt May. Martin Sheen’s uncle Ben was a delight to watch albeit short lived. 
As it is with every Marvel Comics’s superhero movie adaptation, the evergreen Stan Lee makes a special appearance at an unexpected moment. It immediately caught my attention and made me feel like a 7 year old because I pointed at the screen and went, “Isn’t that Stan Lee? That’s STAN LEE! Oh my God, Stan Lee!” . Of course, the people around me didn’t share my excitement (that’s because I’m a comic geek and always wait for Stan Lee's crazy appearance in such movies).  The other bonus is the scene in between of the credits that screams for a sequel so don’t’ forget to watch that!

All in all, The Amazing Spiderman is quite amazing and entertaining. I liked this version better than the previous installments. 

The movie releases July 5th across Dubai/ UAE.

Rating: 3.5/5  

DIY: Earrings Old to New

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm not a fan of gold jewelry (real or otherwise). My accessories case is filled with silver toned jewelry. I also love hoop earrings. I bought a few gold toned hoop earrings and over time some of them developed a rusted color- this usually happens to gold and silver toned accessories. I was about to throw them out when I found the solution to it.

All you need is:
  • A nail polish color similar to the gold toned earrings. 
  • Top coat (optional)
Here are two pairs of hoop earrings. The top one as you can see is in it's original color and the bottom smaller ones are the ones that went to rusty town. See the color comparison? The bottom ones are almost like a burnt copper/bronze.

The nail polish I used is from Prestige Cosmetics and the name is Caramel. The color is almost identical to the original color of the earrings.

The next step is to coat the bronzed earrings with the nail polish.

Bronzed vs. nail polished: see the difference?

Here's the finished product. Looks just like new. You can coat them with a top coat but I didn't. The 'reconstructed' earrings obviously do not have the same shine as that of the original earrings because of the polish used but you may get the effect by using a gold metallic polish.

You can do the same with silver toned earrings as well- or just use another color on hoop earrings such as teal or a neon orange.

Shoe Sundays: New Look

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I bought these while at New Look sometime ago. The camera doesn't do justice to the color- it's a dark emerald green; more like forest green. Shoe material is suede.
*Pics are a bit grainy- they were taken through the phone.

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