Review: Mikyajy Eye Pencils

Friday, June 22, 2012

Mikyajy (pronounced Mee-kee-ah-jee) is quite a colorful brand when it comes to makeup. One of the products I use from them is a Black I eyeliner and it is the darkest, doesn't smudge and stays put for hours. So, when Mikyajy sent over these eye pencils I was expecting similar results.

I received the eye pencils in two different colors. The Intense Long Lasting Eye Pencil in 01 Dark Forest (black in color) and Marvellous Kohl Eye Pencil in 04 Blue Print (blue in color).

These pencils are part of Mikyajy's 22k collection and they come in a glam golden color.

The black eye pencil is waterproof and glides real smooth on the eyes. I did not find the need to apply two layers of this color as it is quite dark (lives up to it's name of Dark Forest).  

Nobody likes eye makeup that smudges considering the type of climate we have in Dubai (it's practically summer for 9 months every year). Since it is waterproof, I decided to put this pencil through a test.

I took a cotton pad soaked in water and rubbed it twice over the pencil swatch. You can see the results for yourself. You can also see the water reflecting against the flash of the camera. Hardly any smudging. Hurray for stay put eye makeup! No raccoon eyes, either. In case you are wondering, this comes off easily with eye makeup remover. It dissolves quickly so you don't have to keep rubbing your eye area.

The blue eye pencil comes in a brilliant blue. You can easily twist the traditional look of black eyeliner into a blue one.

Swatch without flash
Swatch with flash
Here's a look you can try with these colors:

Image credit: Random site

Or try a blue and gold combination which is favorite!

Image credit:
Like I said, Mikyajy has makeup that's filled with fun colors, so check them out. Mikyajy is available across the UAE and other GCC countries.
Lana said...

I love mikyaky. I just bought a lipstick yesterday. I like the blue pencil and your review :)

amira said...

So nice ! What is the price of the blue pencil ?

rasha al falasi said...

Mikyajy pencils are the best. I use them and they dont smudge

Hunoof said...

They are relaly gud. Plz do more reviews frm Mikyajy =) Is this pencil comes in green colour?? For how much it is??

Shireen said...

The blue color is very nice. Is there a mikajy in mirdiff city center.

Nida Moughal said...

I love Mikyajy! I recently got 22k foundations n pencil too =)

Marwa Amr said...

I have the black pencil :-}

elham said...

Do they have any glittery or metallic eye liner or pencil?

Neelofer said...

Hi- it is for AED/SAR 60

Neelofer said...

Hi- yes it is available in green and the name is Marvelous Kohl Eye Pencil- Spring Green 06. It is priced at AED/SAR 60.

Neelofer said...

Yes, there is a Mikyajy branch there.

Neelofer said...

Yes, they do. Check their site-

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