Review: Benefit Cosmetics Bella Bamba Blush

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm a fan of blushes and cheek stains. It's one way to not look like a sick person because a pop of color or even a subtle one can instantly update your look.

So when I got my hands on the Benefit Cosmetic's Bella Bamba blush, I instantly loved it. It is a 'fun' blush, I tell you. It comes in Benefit's trademark funky looking package and the blush is part of the brand's numerous boxed blushes.

It is described as a "3D poppin' pink watermelon" color. I say it's a gorgeous color. Within the box, it looks dark pink but it's not that dark once you apply it to your cheeks. It gives you that natural/glowing look.

Not only that, it has scattered gold shimmer so you don't need to use a separate highlighter. Did I mention how beautiful it looks when applied? Unfortunately, the camera did not capture this in the images. Here are the swatches.

Not blended (looks a bit lighter due to outdoor lighting)
I would categorize this as a summer or evening blush because of the color and the in-built highlighter. You can build up the color accordingly. Just use one swipe on your cheeks for the day time look and double it up for an evening look. Instant gorgeous cheeks!

The blush has a maximum staying power of 4 hours, so you may need to touch-up a little. It's one of those blushes you would use at a wedding or an event where you want to show off your pink flushed cheeks with a gold highlight to it.

You must check this out. It will appeal to all skin tones. The blush comes with an in-built mirror and a mini blush brush.

Benefit secret: Pretty soon, the Bella Bamba blush will come with a matching lip-gloss so that's double the amount of beauty!

Have fun, Bella!

*Many thanks to the Benefit Cosmetics team!

Sarah Najjar said...

This is beautiful. Is this a new blush?

Dima said...

omg gorgeous blush. i have coralista :-)

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