Review: Benefit Cosmetics Bella Bamba Blush

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm a fan of blushes and cheek stains. It's one way to not look like a sick person because a pop of color or even a subtle one can instantly update your look.

So when I got my hands on the Benefit Cosmetic's Bella Bamba blush, I instantly loved it. It is a 'fun' blush, I tell you. It comes in Benefit's trademark funky looking package and the blush is part of the brand's numerous boxed blushes.

It is described as a "3D poppin' pink watermelon" color. I say it's a gorgeous color. Within the box, it looks dark pink but it's not that dark once you apply it to your cheeks. It gives you that natural/glowing look.

Not only that, it has scattered gold shimmer so you don't need to use a separate highlighter. Did I mention how beautiful it looks when applied? Unfortunately, the camera did not capture this in the images. Here are the swatches.

Not blended (looks a bit lighter due to outdoor lighting)
I would categorize this as a summer or evening blush because of the color and the in-built highlighter. You can build up the color accordingly. Just use one swipe on your cheeks for the day time look and double it up for an evening look. Instant gorgeous cheeks!

The blush has a maximum staying power of 4 hours, so you may need to touch-up a little. It's one of those blushes you would use at a wedding or an event where you want to show off your pink flushed cheeks with a gold highlight to it.

You must check this out. It will appeal to all skin tones. The blush comes with an in-built mirror and a mini blush brush.

Benefit secret: Pretty soon, the Bella Bamba blush will come with a matching lip-gloss so that's double the amount of beauty!

Have fun, Bella!

*Many thanks to the Benefit Cosmetics team!

Shoe Sundays: Kurt Geiger

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Spotted the dalmatian shoe print at Kurt Geiger, Dubai Mall. These aren't flats as such, they have a little wedge like heel (you can notice it in the picture). I found the print cute- it reminds me of a dress I had while at school (which my friends made fun of haha).

Review: Mikyajy Eye Pencils

Friday, June 22, 2012

Mikyajy (pronounced Mee-kee-ah-jee) is quite a colorful brand when it comes to makeup. One of the products I use from them is a Black I eyeliner and it is the darkest, doesn't smudge and stays put for hours. So, when Mikyajy sent over these eye pencils I was expecting similar results.

I received the eye pencils in two different colors. The Intense Long Lasting Eye Pencil in 01 Dark Forest (black in color) and Marvellous Kohl Eye Pencil in 04 Blue Print (blue in color).

These pencils are part of Mikyajy's 22k collection and they come in a glam golden color.

The black eye pencil is waterproof and glides real smooth on the eyes. I did not find the need to apply two layers of this color as it is quite dark (lives up to it's name of Dark Forest).  

Nobody likes eye makeup that smudges considering the type of climate we have in Dubai (it's practically summer for 9 months every year). Since it is waterproof, I decided to put this pencil through a test.

I took a cotton pad soaked in water and rubbed it twice over the pencil swatch. You can see the results for yourself. You can also see the water reflecting against the flash of the camera. Hardly any smudging. Hurray for stay put eye makeup! No raccoon eyes, either. In case you are wondering, this comes off easily with eye makeup remover. It dissolves quickly so you don't have to keep rubbing your eye area.

The blue eye pencil comes in a brilliant blue. You can easily twist the traditional look of black eyeliner into a blue one.

Swatch without flash
Swatch with flash
Here's a look you can try with these colors:

Image credit: Random site

Or try a blue and gold combination which is favorite!

Image credit:
Like I said, Mikyajy has makeup that's filled with fun colors, so check them out. Mikyajy is available across the UAE and other GCC countries.

Fun Stationery

Monday, June 18, 2012

I don't think my love for fun stationery will ever end. Here's what I spotted on my colleague's desk.

Post-it-notes. This has such a 60s print
Wad of bills?
Not really. It's a note pad!

Get It For Less: Laser-cut clutch

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Last month, I saw this laser cut clutch online (don't really remember the site as I saved the pic when I saw it). It retailed close to AED250.

Available online for AED250

 Here's a crazy dupe of the bag available at Iconic, Dubai for much less than AED250. Not really a splurge vs steal situation but the moment I saw it, I had to share it here.

A Day Spent With Ceecode

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The lovely Cynthia from Ceecode (who is also the designer) invited me for an exclusive viewing of the  new collection. I think Ceecode bags are pretty quirky and having one of them on your arm/in your hand is going to set you apart from the crowd. You will realize it once you see the bags yourself. I love love love the customizable bag feature.

Ceecode's new collection not only features new handbag designs but also accessories. Who doesn't like accessories? And shoes? Apart from this, there was also a bag designing competition along with candy, candy and loads of candy. Loved the event and accessories- I have my personal favorites already!

Part of the fun Ceecode collection
This is my favorite! Love the color, studs and material of the bag
Now part of Ceecode are shoes! Check out the D&G inspired star design- how cool are they?
More studs 
Nancy's Accessories Corner- love it. See the triangle shaped earrings? Reminded me of House of Harlow jewelry.
Uber cool and nerdy. This is my fav ring!
Ekta from Dollz in Dubai showing it off.
My other fav ring
More funky accessories
The Design Your Bag competition. One of the best is going to be manufactured and sold!
Here's my entry- I went for the black and gold combination
One of the few yummies at the event
Ceecode is available at a number of stores across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Check out Ceecode's Facebook page for more information.

Half Moon Nails

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Instead of the standard manicure, I decided to get something new. I always go for darker colors as I like them so for this new nail art, I told the lady at the salon to give me a half moon manicure based on the picture I showed her. And here is the result. The color is more of a burnt pink/red and orange (it appears more pink in the pictures).


 I spotted the opposite version on Luanne from Weesha's World below!

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