How To: Bright Colors

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bright colors can be a bit scary to people who always play it safe with lighter colors. Take me for example. A few years ago, the color that dominated my wardrobe was black (and white). But I've embraced the world of color (think Skittles, the chewy candy!) and numerous magazines and similar have helped. I can proudly say my wardrobe now looks like a box of crayons.

Image credits: Kaboodle

Adding splashes of color works, you just have to be confident enough to pull it off and know what to pair it with. So if you are starting off with vibrant colors, use one item of clothing and keep the rest subtle. If you are a neon fan but don't know how to wear neons, read the post here.Or if you are a leopard print fan, read how to style it here.

So, going back to styling bright colored outfits. Let's take my favorite color (after black): red.

Would I ever wear a vibrant red pair of denims? No; I love red when it comes to tops/T-shirts. I do have cobalt blue in my wardrobe (that was purchased after much deliberation because I tend to wear bright colored tops only). But I've noticed, just like neons all you need to do is to pair red or other bright colors with something subtle- see the women in the pics below? You don't want color vomit unless you can carry it off.

Image credits: Harper's Bazaar and random sites

Or as an alternative, you could go with a smaller accessory. Doesn't it instantly add a pop of color to your look?

Image credits:  Random site

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