How To: Neons

Saturday, March 3, 2012

If you, like me have apprehensions about wearing neons there's a way to get around it. Since neons can seem a bit awkward to wear, you need to team it up with a few basics so you don't end up looking like a rainbow.

So how do you start adding a bit of neon to your wardrobe?

In my opinion, the key is to pair neons with subtle/pastel colors. This way it doesn't look overwhelming and you won't be wearing a lot of 'loud' colors. Plus, you don't keep thinking, "Oh my God. Do I look weird with all this color on me?". Use neon on one item of clothing and keep the rest basis/pastels.

Image credits: Harpers Bazaar and random sites

Or if you feel clothes aren't your style when it comes to neons you still can't pull it off. Try something small for starters. Like a neon colored belt or clutch or shoes.

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Or even try neon colored jewelry. They make amazing statement jewelry.

Image credits: Random sites
Audrey said...

This post is just what I need :) Thank you x

Farah Ameer said...

i dont buy neon colors bec they are too bright for me. Maybe i will start with a belt :-)

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