My Wardrobe Middle East Launch

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Wardrobe, one of the top online shopping boutiques recently threw a party to celebrate the launch in the Middle East. The weather was great, I got to catch up with friends and also the lovely people   involved with this launch including the CEO, Sarah Curran and Emily from Fashion Foie Gras.

 My Wardrobe is one of the sites I visit either for picking some statement pieces or going through the latest trends. They offer designer clothes, accessories, shoes and lots more for both men and women. You won't be disappointed- so go check it out! Here are memories of the launch captured through the lens:

Met a friend after a few years who is now a DJ and does his own music stuff at events!  

No party is complete without the sweet stuff! Those are Chocolate coated Oreo truffles and cake pops

How To: Leopard Print

Monday, March 19, 2012

When the leopard print first hit the catwalk, I told my friend I would never wear it. A few years later, it became my favorite print. I've got leopard print tops, shoes, handbags, belts, accessories etc. A little obsessed? I even bought leopard print nail strips!

But what I don't have is a leopard print coat or jacket. I feel it's too much of a print when it comes to such items of clothing. I mean, a coat/ jacket/ skirt with a full blown leopard print is waaaay too much. But there are people who have pulled it off and it looks great! The idea is to keep the print as the center of attraction. So this means, no gaudy colors or additional prints in your final look.
Also, look at how you can wear neons.

Image credits: Harper's Bazaar

If you are a beginner when it comes to this print or don't like too much of it, start off with a scarf or shoes. Something minimal should help you get over the fear of this print.

Image credits:Random sites

And here's a little fun DIY project. If you don't want to get your nails minxed to a leopard print or don't have the time to get nail strips- do this simple nail design in the luxury of your home. You'll need a yellow nail polish, a darker one- perhaps a brown or pastel orange like shown below and a black nailpolish or an eyeliner that can serve the same purpose. Don't forget to seal the design (once dried) with a clear top coat to lock it all in.

Image credit: Stickers and Donut

GAP Dubai: Spring/Summer 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

When GAP sent out a fashion show invite for a private screening of their Spring/Summer 2012 collection preview, I didn't know what to expect. Just recently I bought a great jacket from GAP that I have yet to wear (primarily because I'm waiting for an event to wear that to). The fashion show was a pleasant surprise.

There was an explosion of pastel colors, striped shirts, trench coats et all.

I only recently started buying colored skinny denims (blue and beige) and I fell in love with one look from the show. See below:

Image credit: Ahlan
It's a combination of a white top (looked more like a softer version of a cardigan) and light rose colored skinny denims although in the pics it looks like pink or lavender. I might just buy the entire look! The show captured the essence of the spring/summer season through their fun collection.

Don't forget to check out the SS'12 line at the GAP stores.

May Jewelry

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

 How beautiful are these simple pieces of jewelry by designer, May? They all reflect the Arabic alphabets and come in the form of bracelets, chains, rings, earrings and cufflinks.

You can get custom made ones to reflect the initials of your name.


There are more designs- view them here.

How To: Neons

Saturday, March 3, 2012

If you, like me have apprehensions about wearing neons there's a way to get around it. Since neons can seem a bit awkward to wear, you need to team it up with a few basics so you don't end up looking like a rainbow.

So how do you start adding a bit of neon to your wardrobe?

In my opinion, the key is to pair neons with subtle/pastel colors. This way it doesn't look overwhelming and you won't be wearing a lot of 'loud' colors. Plus, you don't keep thinking, "Oh my God. Do I look weird with all this color on me?". Use neon on one item of clothing and keep the rest basis/pastels.

Image credits: Harpers Bazaar and random sites

Or if you feel clothes aren't your style when it comes to neons you still can't pull it off. Try something small for starters. Like a neon colored belt or clutch or shoes.

Image credits: Random sites

Or even try neon colored jewelry. They make amazing statement jewelry.

Image credits: Random sites
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