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Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm a handbags geek. I tend to buy atleast 3 new handbags every month- sad, I know. But I love handbags! My latest buy is a bag from Roberto Fabiani at Galeries Lafayette (Dubai) and I love it.

I came across a new brand called Cee Code (also available at Galeries Lafayette) and apart from having great bags in different shapes and designs, you can customize your bag at the design stage. How cool is that? This way, you will be sporting a unique bag that nobody else has (unless they decide to copy your design). The customizable bags are called Ceeplate- you can ask for anything to be printed on it from your name to your car's plate number.

They've also got different designs on the Ceeplate if you don't want a customized plate design.

Apart from Ceeplate, these are three of my favorites:

And here are the other funky bags from Ceecode:

These are specifically made for the iPad

Cee Code will soon be launching shoes and other accessories. Keep up to date with their collection on the website or the Facebook page.
Lana said...

I love the second last round bag <3

Clare said...

Sweet bags. Think I spotted similar bags in Wafi Mall the other day.

Kara G said...

These are neat. I would love to have the customized plate bag.

Nisreen said...

Can we ask them to make any design on the plate instead of number plate design ? Like can we get a personal picture on it ?

Neelofer said...

Hi Nisreen- yes, you can get this done. You can view their website for more info or send them an email to work out the details.

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