Angelina's Poses at the Oscar 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

 As much as I love Angelina Jolie, the moment I saw the first Oscar appearance picture on the red carpet I thought to myself, "Um...what is it with that weird pose?"

And lo and behold, I wasn't the only one. Seriously, what was wrong with that woman?


She wore an amazing Atelier Versace gown (with a slit) at the Wanted premiere and definitely didn't strike awkward poses then. She also wore another Versace gown at the Golden Globes and didn't pose weird. Wonder what got into her yesterday!

Oh well, she was spotted wearing knee high boots the day after the Oscars.


Ceecode: Personalize Your Style

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm a handbags geek. I tend to buy atleast 3 new handbags every month- sad, I know. But I love handbags! My latest buy is a bag from Roberto Fabiani at Galeries Lafayette (Dubai) and I love it.

I came across a new brand called Cee Code (also available at Galeries Lafayette) and apart from having great bags in different shapes and designs, you can customize your bag at the design stage. How cool is that? This way, you will be sporting a unique bag that nobody else has (unless they decide to copy your design). The customizable bags are called Ceeplate- you can ask for anything to be printed on it from your name to your car's plate number.

They've also got different designs on the Ceeplate if you don't want a customized plate design.

Apart from Ceeplate, these are three of my favorites:

And here are the other funky bags from Ceecode:

These are specifically made for the iPad

Cee Code will soon be launching shoes and other accessories. Keep up to date with their collection on the website or the Facebook page.

Where At Can I Find The Best Macaroons?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Image credit: DatzTampa

I have a sweet tooth and I'm not afraid to use it. I'm very much a desserts the restaurants when handed the menu, I flip over to the desserts section. I do it all the time. Once I got my friend to come all the way from another city to Dubai just so we could have this amazing Indian dessert called Ras Malai (at Sukh Sagar Restaurant, JBR).

So all this talk about dessert brings me to the topic of macaroons (or macarons, whichever way you want to spell it)! It's the next big fad thing after those cupcakes. Frankly speaking, I'm not really a fan of cupcakes that have dollops and dollops of colorful icing. I'm on a quest to find out a place (or places) that have good macaroons. So far, I've tried macaroons from three places:

1) Galeries Lafayette Gourmet
2) Pascal Tepper
3) Pink Camel

Out of all these, Galeries Lafayette Gourmet stood out. Maybe because the shopping store is my favorite? On a serious note, I found the macaroons there to be really good. They are almost perfect- crunchy from the outside, soft from the inside and the goodness that's between. You'll argue that all macaroons are to be that way, but you'll notice the difference when you try it. I had the chocolate macaroon (chocolate- no surprise here). While at Pascal Tepper, I shared a mega chocolate macaroon which was the size of my palm. It was alright...nothing great. Pink Camel macaroons were a close second to the ones from Galeries.

So guys, where do you get your macaroons from?

My First Glambox

When I heard about Glambox Middle East being launched in this region, I was ecstatic. The concept of a beauty products filled box at a fixed price is huge in the US and Europe.

So when I knew about a local version, I immediately signed up for a subscription and told all my friends (who also signed up). I, along with others had to wait for over a month (I signed up in the first week of Dec).

When I finally received it (the wait was agonizing, I tell you) it was a bit disappointing. And I'll tell you why. The US/Europe versions of the 'samples' are full sized  products- not one or two but usually majority of the products you receive are full size.

So with that expectation when I opened my Glambox, I was taken aback with the miniature versions of the products save for the lipstick.

Prior to subscribing, I read on Glambox ME's site that the products are generously sized/deluxe samples. Perhaps, I expected too much? Or perhaps I got used to the US version?

Nonetheless, I liked the Kiehl's body moisturizer and the Elizabeth Arden's makeup remover. Hopefully, Glambox will start sending out a little more than sample sized products. Looking forward to the next one.

Go Red with Elie Saab

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's another Elie Saab creation! It's in my favorite color too.

Ready-to-Wear Resort 2012 collection
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