What He Wore: Kenneth Cole

Friday, January 13, 2012

What He Wore and What She Wore will be a regular feature on my blog. Why? Because I'm the person, who when spots something fashionable or cool will take a pic. I've already snapped friends and people I know in their fab outfits & accessories, so keep an eye out for those posts.

I have a penchant for watches but not just any watches. The belt has to be wide, else it doesn't appeal to me and I won't buy it- I just think the narrow or thin belt watches aren't that great. The dial is another feature and of course the color.

Today's What He Wore features this amazing Kenneth Cole watch. I love the monochrome effect and the design. You would think a black and white watch would be boring but this just proves otherwise.

How to style it: Pair this up with a smart blazer, a crisp shirt and denims and you're smart casual all the way!

Dina M said...

I have a watch from KC too. This is very trendy.

Rifath said...

really nice

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