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Sunday, January 8, 2012

While doing a bit of research on iPhone vs. Blackberry since I'm going to buy a new phone, I stumbled upon some cool iPhone cases some of which have a 3D feel, some other random gadgets and tech accessories. How rad are these?

Available on Switch Easy

Available on Switch Easy

Image credit: Range

Image credit: Luuux

Image credit: A Brilliant Melody

Image credit: Craziest Gadgets

Image credit: The Clearly Dope

And then you have some weird but funky earphones.
Image credit: Nerd Approved
 You got mushrooms growing out of your ears!

Image credit: Gizmodo
 Got a bullet to the ear

Image credits: Flickr
 Super Mario anyone?

Image credit: Flickr
How awesome? I want these!

Image credit: Craziest Gadgets
 A Mickey Mouse Adapter

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