Sephora Luminizer

Friday, December 30, 2011

I picked this up while in Paris, France. The best thing about the Sephora store in Paris or any other stores in Paris/Germany/London when compared to the ones here in Dubai is that the sales associates do not follow you around while shopping. They ask you once if you need help and then they get out of your face. This is what shopping should be like! I don't want the salesperson hanging out with me around the damn store.

Anyway, the product is called Luminizer by Sephora. It's similar to Benefit's High Beam or Stila's Liquid Luminizer. They all serve the same purpose- they highlight certain areas on the face and add a subtle glow.

A small pump of the product goes a long way!

 The reason I bought this is because it's got a light pink color to it which means I could sweep it on my cheeks to give the illusion of naturally flushed cheeks.

The blended version

It's a lightweight liquid that easily blends and it's not too shimmery so it doesn't look like you've dusted a bottle of glitter on your face. On the bottle it says to use it as a foundation base (so apply before foundation but after moisturizer)- I do none. I only apply a few dots on the cheekbones and blend outwards. The product isn't waterproof which is a big plus for me. Waterproof makeup is usually a pain to remove (at least for me- think waterproof mascara). I'm glad I bought this- totally recommended! Unfortunately, it's not available in Dubai (but if you happen to visit Europe, you may just get it).
Lana said...

I checked for it in dubai mall but they dont have it :(

Neelofer said...

That's what I mentioned at the end of my post :) I haven't seen this in Dubai either.

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