Say No To Muscle Pain

Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm a pretty sporty person and in the course of sessions, I have managed to pull quite a few muscles that have left me with sore arms and legs. There are times when I can't pick a glass of water off the table without wincing. Usually, I let the muscles heal by themselves but when the pain gets unbearable I reach out for a pack of ice. At times, my friends use painkillers.

I have another Elemis discovery to share with you and it's called the Aching Muscle Super Soak. It's not a spray or cream. It's liquid and smells amazing- like mint. It is said to relieve muscle/body ache. The other day I went to the mall for shopping. My legs took the brunt of it all as they always do and by the time I got home, I had feet that died (pretty sure women can relate to this). I made it a point to dunk my feet in the Super Soak. I mixed about 1-2 caps of it into the water . After about a minute or so, I felt a cooling, tingling sensation and it was pretty relaxing. The mint like fragrance helped as well. There's also chamomile in this apart from other ingredients- it's almost like a mask but for the feet (and body)!  My mom used this too and it has become her new favorite- I don't think she will be using that Deep Heat spray anymore.

I can see people who train, work out regularly and those that end up with sore muscles benefiting from this, not to forget people who sit all day on the laptops/computers and end up with aching shoulders because of the posture (me!). A friend of mine has been going for dragon-boat practice and I have a feeling she'd be quite happy with this. I also spotted this at Cleopatra's Spa the other day- so inquire for the  treatment they have using this product or just buy it either from the spa/ Bloomingdale's Dubai and use it in the luxury of your home. If you don't fancy this, then try out other similar products by Elemis (there's oil and gel based products).
Aliyah said...

is the gel product like a cream ? Can u plz do a review on face products. I read ur review on the moisture cream. does it have organic ingredients? i dunt want to use chemicals on my skin. can u write abt one of their face masks? i was at bloomingdale and the lady was telling me abt a fruit mask. thx.

Neelofer said...

No, the gel product does not have cream based consistency; it's a bit thicker because it's gel however, it is absorbed easily by the skin- if that's what you are inquiring about. Elemis products have a share of natural ingredients, organic extracts and natural emulsifiers. You should really go to Cleopatra's Spa and get a Elemis facial done based on your skin type. I'm sure you will love it :)

Lana said...

How long do you have to keep your legs or body in it?

Neelofer said...

I kept my feet in for 20mins or so.

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