Nail Polish Stained My Nails

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Did your nail polish stain your nails? Well, mine did! I usually don’t have this problem but last week after I removed the China Glaze polish, I got a faint green color on my nails. Of course, I went in a frenzy. I cannot bear to have crap on my nails. I immediately took half a lemon’s juice, mixed it with olive oil and dunk my nails in the concoction. I also rubbed half a lemon on my nails for 30 minutes. There was no visible difference. Panicked, I ran a search query and read a gazillion other girls with the same problem.

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 On multiple forums, they all said the same thing- ‘use lemon juice’, ‘the stain will go away by itself’, ‘use 2 nail polish removers’ etc. None of these helped , then I read that you need to buff your nails. As a last resort and feeling rather dejected, I took a nail file and started to buff my nails. And what do you know? It worked! The faint green stain disappeared- no kidding! My nails were back to normal. So the next time you have such a problem, usually caused by darker nail colors because of the pigment- do what I did. I’m not sure if the application of lemon and olive oil helped to alleviate the buffing process.

Another tip (which I will follow now!) is to apply a clear coat of nail polish prior to colored polish

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