Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes 2- A Game of Shadows

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The first Sherlock Holmes movie was so good that I went in with the same expectations for the second installment. Right after watching the movie, I felt it didn't match my expectations but thinking about it now I've come to realize it's an improvement from what we saw in 2009. The first part was more about the mystery and everything that fell in between of that- it was essential to define Sherlock Holmes on the big screen; the second part though, is quite different. It's a very Guy Ritchie movie with special effects and awesome fight sequences.

This time around Mr. Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) meets his match in Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris) who constructs an ingenious plan to create a rift among the European countries- we're talking bombs, surgeries and assassinations. Moriarty is one step ahead and we see the detective and his side kick Watson (Jude Law) embark on an adventurous journey to hamper the devious plans not to mention some interesting fight scenes taking place in the train, the lighthouse and a stag party to name a few.

What I loved is the fact that director Ritchie injects comedy when we least expect it; Downey Jr. and Law have impeccable comic timing. The movie also presents the fact that Holmes isn't too happy with Watson's new chapter in life (marriage) and tries to talk him out of it using bizzare and hilarious justifications because Holmes doesn't want to "die alone". At one point, Holmes throws Watson's wife from the train and into the river. We get to see the object of Holmes's affection Irene Adler (Rachel McAdams) but that is pretty short lived. Downey Jr.s' character has definitely evolved in this installment and you see more layers of his personality come alive.

The movie is definitely entertaining and there are scenes which will make you question if there's a Sherlock Holmes 3 lined up in the near future. Oh, do keep a close eye on the objects that Holmes develops a penchant for. They come up when least expected.

Rating: 3 out 5 stars

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