GlamBox Arrives In The Middle East

Sunday, December 11, 2011

GlamBox has finally arrived in the region. I'm so happy! GlamBox and similar brand concepts have made it big in the US, South Africa and a few other countries. I was pretty miffed that the US and SA versions didn't ship to the UAE (because there is no international site otherwise) and now I got news that they're opening for business here.

For those of you who don't know, GlamBox is a beauty bag filled with about 4-5 full sized beauty samples/ latest products delivered to your doorstep. It's the best way to try something before you go purchase a product. I've had issues with foundation color which looks perfect under store lighting and different at home.

The way GlamBox works is you subscribe either monthly/annually, you then receive the package every month with samples based on your skin profile. There's an element of surprise as you don't know which brands are going to be delivered to you- but you get a hint based on the sponsors/brands that are on board. Monthly subscriptions are charged at AED50. Check out the brands and subscription plans on the website.

Registrations are now open, so go ahead and fill out your details. I'll post up a review of what I think about my first box!

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