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Thursday, December 8, 2011

When I first found out about this I went, "Oh my God. Thank you!" and then it hit me, thanks to this website I will be shopping even more. Oh well, a girl needs to shop- right?

So we have been introduced to a new concept in fashion. You know how we go around window shopping at the malls, then either step into the store (or not), explore the desired object and then contemplate whether to buy or not? Forget all that. There's a website called FashLink ME (Middle East) that converts the physical window shopping experience to that of an online window shopping concept!

So this means, you can just take a look at what you want, decide, drive to the store/mall and make an immediate purchase. It's so cool to view online the new collections by certain brands especially those that are available here. What's more is that there are details about the products in terms of price, location of branches etc.You can also put together looks and share with friends or view other people's looks. Helps with the purchase decision, don't you think?  And the best part- they have an iPhone/iPad app for this!

The website is in it's beta stage so there are a few klinks here and there but apart from that- this is a gem! I already bookmarked all the things I want to buy (and yes, there's definitely two or three leopard print items on that list).

Anonymous said...

Cool. But the iphone app is slow to load

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