Elemis Visible Brilliance Serum

Sunday, December 25, 2011

I have a handful of primers and skin illuminizers in my makeup case. I use the latter occasionally (parties included) but that's about it. Primers are usually handy when you want to create a smooth surface in order for your makeup to go on easily (think professional finish). Having said that, Elemis Visible Brilliance is quite a smart product.

 It's an extremely light weight serum that claims to give instant radiance and it's true because there are minute gold like/ sparse shimmer particles within the serum.

I've tried using this in two different ways; one is directly on my skin prior to moisturizer. I let it sink in for a minute or two and then follow with moisturizer. The second is mixing it with foundation- the end result is a subtle glow. I like this serum. It doesn't leave your skin looking greasy or like you have a light bulb for a face because of the shimmer particles.

The serum completely dissolves into the skin

Not sure if you can see the minute shimmer particles 

I've read in magazines that regular use will definitely show a difference on the skin. While at Bloomingdale's, I received three samples post my shopping spree (they usually don't give this but I guess because they were in a jolly mood, they decided to!).

The first is a Papaya Enzyme Peel which contains papaya and pineapple (hello, healthy mask!) which helps to improve the skin. The second sample is S.O.S Emergency Cream- this is one is a bit greasy in nature and states you should apply the cream only to problematic areas of the face. And the last one is an Exotic Cream Moisturizing Mask which on application feels exactly like a spa session at Cleopatra's Spa primarily because of the mask's fragrance. I really love this mask because due to winter, I've been experiencing dry patches of skin on my face and it's a pain to put on blush for example because it highlights the patches; this mask soothes the skin and doesn't irritate it.

Elemis reminds me of Body Shop because they use quite a few natural ingredients, don't test their products on animals (yay!) and encourage people to recycle the empty tubes/bottles (double yay!).

Sahar said...

Is this a moisturizer also ? Can i use this instead of moisturizer ? I have oily skin so i dont want to put a lot on my face.

Neelofer said...

Hi. This is a serum, so it acts like a base. It is pretty light weight and will not clog your pores, if you're worried about that. And it does not leave your skin looking oily/ greasy.

Sahar said...

Ok thnx :-)

Sahar said...

I bought this and its really nice :-)

Beth said...

Does Elemis have anything for preventing wrinkles?

Neelofer said...

Hi- yes they do. Its called the Pro Collagen range; they've got a number of variants within the range from eye cream to day/night cream. You can also check their website for more info on this.

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