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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I love products by Dove. The first product I used was that of Dove moisturizing soap. You can immediately feel the difference after using it in the first go- your hands do not have a 'rough' feel after using the soap bar but more like you've applied baby cream; it's that good.

Since their products live up to their claims, I experimented with other Dove products including the hair care range; I wasn't left disappointed.

Here are three new products that I tried:

Dove Indulgent Nourishment Body Lotion (Deep Care Complex with shea butter): I like the consistency of the lotion. It is light weight and is immediately absorbed by the skin which I love. Because it's got shea butter in it, the fragrance is a bit too sweet- almost like a chocolate and sugar scrub but if you use a small amount of it, the fragrance is bearable.

Deeply Nourishing Beauty Shower Gel: Great fragrance and it leaves my skin smooth after a shower.

Visible Effects Nourishing Body Lotion (Multi Layer Complex): The lotion is light-weight just like the Indulgent Lotion and has a pleasant fragrance. My mom used this over a span of 1 week (not regular though) and she mentioned a noticeable improvement with regards to her hands.

I also noticed that the dry patches I had on my arms have reduced quite a lot since. Hurray!

 All in all, I'm pleased with the results of the new range of products and can vouch for the difference because I've witnessed it. If you have normal to dry skin and tend to have dry patches on your arms, shoulders or back or simply want to keep your skin moisturized 24/7, I suggest you try either of the lotions (or the one with Shea Butter for extra hydration).

Have you tried any of these? Got a favorite?

Lana said...

I use dove too but the soap :-) i will try the lotion too

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